About PagerDuty​

We believe that people empowered with the right information at the right time can change the world.

PagerDuty was founded by three innovative software developers who knew what it was like to carry the pager for “always on” cloud services. They made a bet that the early practice and culture of DevOps which encourages collaboration between development and operations would become strategic for every company.

What started as automating on-call rotations has evolved into a platform that helps companies of all sizes proactively manage their digital operations so their teams can spend less time reacting to incidents and more time building for the future.

PagerDuty's Services

DevOps and Full-Service Ownership put more accountability and control in the hands of engineers. PagerDuty keeps you connected to your code in production, leverages machine learning to filter out noise, and pulls you in when you’re needed in the moments that matter most.
Reduce noise. Identify root causes in real time. Automate issue resolution.
IT teams are overwhelmed by the growing amount of noise from complex infrastructure and applications. This increase in noise drowns out the signals that can help them determine root causes in critical moments. Not only does this lead to long issue resolution times and tedious, manual remediation practices, but it also provides little insight into what they need to improve to prevent similar problems from happening in the future.
Resolve issues before customers complain.
When something goes wrong in your digital services, mobilizing a rapid response across customer service and operations teams can be a challenge. But we can help.
Faster response to threats. Security with real-time operations. Using PagerDuty for Security Ops, security teams can leverage the same reliable platform that development and operations teams already depend on, improving cross-team visibility and reducing friction for collaboration.
What’s your crisis management plan? Political and social upheaval is forcing many teams into crisis mode—which means organizations need to establish a clear crisis management process in order to keep employees safe and maintain business continuity.

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