About Aceik

Aceik is a tight-knit team of digital experts who are true craftspeople, creating cutting-edge solutions with the latest technology, solving business problems while forging long-term client connections.

Our digital knowledge is vast and our agility is unmatched. We keep up with evolving technology and can change direction more easily than larger companies, giving you the most innovative solutions to your business problems.

Aceik’s Services

With Aceik’s wealth of digital experience, we can provide you high-level strategic advice and consulting. This often involves stakeholder engagement and workshopping, to produce a clear and aligned digital road map.
Aceik’s comprehensive technical analysis process helps you generate a detailed application specification document, a key ingredient for any app development.
Aceik helps define the overall solution blueprint and roadmap and works closely with clients to articulate business problems and translate them into an appropriate digital solution design.
Aceik’s design work doesn’t just win awards; it puts insight into action. Whether working with established brand guidelines or developing a digital presence from scratch, we craft experiences that drive decision-making elegantly and intuitively.
Aceik’s functional and highly efficient web design and development services match your business expectation. We excel in developing websites that deliver content and services equally well in a rich, easy-to-use web interface.
Aceik’s Project Delivery Management ensures that solutions are proposed, implemented and delivered to the agreed scope, budget, and schedule.
Aceik’s DevOps integration targets product delivery, continuous testing, quality testing, feature development, and maintenance releases in order to improve reliability and security and provide faster development and deployment cycles.
Aceik offers a holistic approach to optimising IT infrastructure, services and processes utilising cloud-based platforms. We are capable and confident of guiding your business to the cloud.
In an “always-on” digital world, enterprises are challenged to capitalize on new technologies with limited resources and experience at the speed the business expects.
Aceik’s training for developers, content editors and marketers ensures they can take ownership of the platforms they build.
We deliver high quality documentation from the start of a project through to ongoing support. Our methodical approach to documentation reduces total cost of ownership.
We offer multiple support options to ensure we will continue to deliver for our clients over the long term.

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