jellyfish Selects SearchStax To Power Fast, Highly Available, and Relevant Search for Sitecore on Microsoft Azure

We haven’t experienced any Solr cluster downtime since we moved to SearchStax and the performance is great. We also like the analytics and reporting capabilities of the tool—especially being able to drill down into the metrics of individual collections.

Chandra Venkataraman
Lead .Net Developer, Jellyfish


Jellyfish is the world’s biggest boutique agency, driven by strategic insights, technical acumen, and online experience, committed to helping clients deliver perfect digital journeys. Jellyfish has worked across a wide range of industries, including property, pharmaceutical, financial and gaming. Clients include: Walden University, Fitbit, Fidelity, Carfax, Pfizer, Zipcar, Caesars and ADP.


Jellyfish needed a fast, highly available, and relevant search service for their high traffic websites.


Jellyfish, the world’s biggest boutique agency, whose team of digital experts work in partnership with clients to help them achieve business success, has built and currently manages robust consumer-facing websites that handle millions of visitors per month. These websites are typically hosted on the cloud infrastructure using a high availability configuration designed to maximize traffic and minimize scheduled downtime.

In this particular case, Jellyfish built websites for a leading online university using Sitecore CMS technology on a Microsoft Azure PaaS infrastructure. These sites receive millions of visits every month, so speed, relevance and availability were critical.

Jellyfish initially used the native search platform in Azure, but soon realized it was not the right choice for various reasons. Jellyfish then started looking for an alternate search platform that proved not only reliable, but also highly available with low latency and zero downtime, leading to great performance and support for the Jellyfish-supported websites.


The Jellyfish team uncovered a crucial need for an open-source solution so that they could have ultimate transparency and maintainability. They quickly settled on Apache Solr for its well-known reliability, responsiveness and compatibility with Sitecore. Jellyfish undertook a trial project with SearchStax, a leading Solr-as-a-Service solution. They also tried additional services, however SearchStax delivered superior performance and support. After months of running in production without issue, the Jellyfish team has been very pleased with their decision.


The results have been great with 100% uptime even during website releases or Solr infrastructure upgrades.