ACU Goes to School with SearchStudio to Transform Search on their Sitecore Website

SearchStudio Brings Analytics and Easy-to-Use Site Search Tools


ACU had moved to the Sitecore platform to transform the digital experience and personalization needs for their website. In order to deliver on this promise, ACU needed substantial improvement in the search experiences to meet both business and user expectations. The solution had to deliver value quickly through a streamlined implementation, provide detailed analytics and reduce the cost of managing site search going forward.


The project started seamlessly as the integration of SearchStudio with the Sitecore Module delivered a fast implementation. ACU worked with with Espire, their Sitecore partner, to come up with an agile two-phase approach to get the SearchStudio live on the ACU website quickly. In Phase 1 of the project, they leveraged the SearchStudio UI Accelerator to re-skin the search results delivered through the SearchStax platform to match their website. Phase 2 of the project will be to deeply embed search functionality using the SearchStudio APIs to deliver the results back into the native Sitecore UI.

The two phase approach let ACU deliver value quickly and they were able to start tailoring and improving search results during Phase 1.


ACU anticipated that they would need to spend a significant amount of time tailoring and optimizing results, but found that SearchStudio straight out-of-the-box was light-years ahead of what they had with their previous configuration.

SearchStudio helped ACU transform the search experience for students and staff, and led to better results because the Marketing team was able to leverage:

  • Rich insights from the analytics in SearchStudio enabling the team to identify areas where the digital experience could be improved
  • Easy-to-use tools that could be configured without coding


The outcome was a better, personalised and optimised search experience that is leading to higher conversions and user satisfaction.

We found that the search results with SearchStudio, straight out-of -the-box, was light-years ahead of what we were delivering through our existing configuration.

Luke Williams

Head of Digital Experience

Sitecore Relies on SearchStax Managed Solr