May 18, 2023

Thomas DiLascio


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SearchStax is excited to announce full Solr 9 support for Dedicated Deployments in all available Cloud regions. 

Solr 9 is the Apache community’s ninth major release of their Lucene based search engine.  If you’re wondering why you should move to this latest release, Solr 9 has several new features that might be of interest to you, including performance improvements and security updates. Most significantly, Solr 9 comes with support for Regular Expression (RegEx) queries as well as better support for more complex search queries. Specifically, Dense Vector “Neural” Search has been introduced for advanced information retrieval projects.

When Should I Upgrade to Solr 9?

Now that you know what you can expect when making the switch to Solr 9, it’s important to understand when you should upgrade. You’ll want to make sure that it meets the specific needs of your project, and you’ll also want to think about whether or not it will be compatible with existing assets like content management systems or third-party integrations, as well as how any potential downtime during the upgrade process could impact your users.

Here are a few common scenarios in which we would strongly recommend upgrading to Solr 9:

  • Multiple languages and character sets: Dealing with a lot of different languages and character sets?  Solr 9 offers support for a more extended range of both, making it easier for you to more accurately index and search text across a variety of languages and character sets.

  • Boosting search relevancy: When it comes to search, it’s critical that your users are able to find exactly what they’re looking for. Solr 9 gives you access to increased search relevancy with features like custom scoring models and query-time boosting. For those who need more control over how their search results are ranked and displayed to their users, Solr 9 can be a huge help. 

  • Joining the AI craze: As mentioned above, Dense Vector “Neural” Search has already taken off with the various AI plugins and APIs available. This feature, with enough customization, can be leveraged to perform semantic searches on data stored in Solr and then fed into available Artificial Intelligence APIs to produce AI chatbot-quality answers. This is just a glimpse into the capabilities Solr 9 will have with AI technology in the future. 


Learn More

Some frequently asked questions are answered about version upgrade paths in our Help Center, but if you feel like you’re ready to upgrade now, check with your Customer Success Manager or file a support ticket to learn how to upgrade your existing SearchStax deployments to Solr 9

To read even more about the additional features and changes in Solr 9, check out the Apache Solr release notes.

By Thomas DiLascio

Product Manager SearchStax Cloud

Solr 9 comes with support for Regular Expression (RegEx) queries as well as better support for more complex search queries.

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