SearchStax Managed Solr – Video Overview

SearchStax Managed Solr Overview Video

SearchStax Managed Solr is a fully-managed SaaS solution that automates, manages, maintains and scales Apache Solr search infrastructure in public or private clouds.

Watch the Video

Check out the highlight video below to see how easy it is to automate, manage and maintain your Solr infrastructure:

SearchStax Managed Solr Key Features

Core Features

  • Cloud automation
  • Monitoring and alerting
  • Automated backups
  • Disaster recovery options to meet every business need
  • Available on AWS, Azure and Google in over 60 regions
  • On-demand scaling
  • Roles and permissions

Security and Compliance Features

  • Private environments
  • Encryption at rest and transport
  • SOC2 Certified
  • GDPR Compliant

Integration Features

  • Integration plugin
  • Developer APIs

For Sitecore customers, we have a Solr Plugin that accelerates the process and automates a number of manual tasks involved with connecting a Sitecore installation to a SearchStax Solr instance.

SearchStax Managed Solr Benefits

Key benefits include:

  • Focuses developers on value-added tasks
  • Accelerates project timelines with centralized control
  • Delivers improved and reliable uptime
  • Provides higher performance and stability for Solr infrastructure

Support options for SearchStax Managed Solr includes 24x7x365 coverage backed by a service level agreement (SLA). Our team has more than 30 years of Solr expertise and is available for on-demand support.

Free Trial Available

See for yourself how easy it is to deploy, manage and scale Solr search in the cloud. The 14-day Managed Solr Free Trial includes a SearchStax deployment on a dedicated node or cluster in the AWS or Azure cloud.