Role-based User Roles for Your SearchStax Team

Role-based Access for Your SearchStax Team

Does your entire Solr team need access to the Big Red Switch? To billing information? We didn’t think so. SearchStax role-based access or User Roles give your team the tools they need while reserving critical features to the project leaders.

Complex projects require a fine division of user roles for supervision, development, and security. SearchStax allows the account owner to invite assistants in multiple roles to meet this need.

By default, the person who opens the SearchStax account is the “Owner” of the account. This user can invite other users to participate in the account, up to a limit imposed by the account’s Service-Level Agreement (SLA).

SearchStax User Roles

The owner may assign each user to a role, which grants or denies specific powers to that user.

  • Owner: The Owner has full control. This is the only user who can terminate the account or transfer ownership to another user. There can be only one Owner at a time.
  • Admin: An Admin has full access to technical features, users, and billing information.
  • Technical Contact: This role has full technical access, but cannot modify users or billing information.
  • Billing Contact: The Billing Contact has access to credit-card and billing information only.
  • Team Member: The Team Member is a read-only role. This user can view but not make changes.

Not everyone should have the ability to stop or delete the search engine on a whim. SearchStax role-based User Roles let you partition this kind of access to the team members who need it.

For more information on role-based access, see SearchStax User Roles in the SearchStax documentation.