Oct. 21, 2019



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The last few weeks, our development and documentation teams have made it really easy to connect Sitecore and Solr. I want to share a one-minute video that demonstrates how easy we’ve made the process. It’s not that connecting the two technologies ever was extraordinarily complicated, it’s just that the steps were numerous, sometimes requiring a good understanding of Sitecore and/or Solr, and errors in the process (who hasn’t made a typo?) were hard to diagnose. For the more unlucky among us, this process had caused hair loss and heartburn. The new process makes everything smooth, fast, and easy. Like a fun sled ride.  🙂

Take a minute and watch our video so you can see how easy it is to connect Solr and Sitecore.

For the more ambitious among you, you can read a lot more details at:

You can see how much the plugin simplified the process by reading the deprecated pre-plugin process.

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