Jul. 14, 2020

Tom Humbarger


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How does Sitecore Managed Cloud, Solr and SearchStax work together? Grant Killian from Sitecore and Sameer Maggon from SearchStax address this question in a 10-minute micro-webinar that covers everything you need to know about how Sitecore Managed Cloud works with Solr and SearchStax.

Key Webinar Insights

The micro-webinar covers the following topics:

  • Overview of Sitecore Managed Cloud and Solr
  • What is the value that Managed Cloud customers get from using Solr with SearchStax?
  • What are the 3 big questions asked about Managed Cloud and Solr?
  • What are the Solr disaster recovery options for Managed Cloud?
  • How is Solr support handled with Managed Cloud?

Some key insights from the webinar include:

Sitecore Managed Cloud Overview

  • Sitecore Managed Cloud Standard is the fully supported infrastructure that powers Sitecore implementations
  • Sitecore Managed Cloud is an Azure-based solution using Azure App Services, Azure SQL, Azure Redis Cache and Azure Service Bus

Sitecore Managed Cloud, Solr and SearchStax

  • For Solr, Sitecore Managed Cloud partners with SearchStax and our teams combine to provide top to bottom support
  • Enterprise customers see the value of working with SearchStax and the Solr technology stack
  • There are two ways that search is used in Sitecore:
    • External – present content after customers do a search
    • Internal – operational, queries and indexes to retrieve data efficiently
  • The SearchStax value proposition is that customers don’t have to spend time learning, building and operating search infrastructure
  • The 3 big questions about Solr and Managed Cloud are:
    1. How do we add fields?
    2. How do we add a new Solr collection?
    3. How do we rebuild Solr search indexes?

Solr Disaster Recovery

  • Sitecore Managed Cloud does have disaster recovery options – you can pick the model that works for you
  • SearchStax is doing some interesting work with disaster recovery and CDCR – Managed Search is seriously looking at this option

Managed Cloud Support

  • The Sitecore Managed Cloud Support Team is the single point of contact for all support, including Solr and SearchStax questions
  • One of the big advantages of Managed Cloud Support is that you are just working with Sitecore and not coordinating with multiple vendors

Key Managed Cloud and Solr Documents

During the webinar, Grant mentioned these documents from the Sitecore Knowledgebase:

Watch the Webinar

Grant is the Director of Global Cloud Operations and runs the Sitecore Managed Cloud focused on the Americas. Sameer is the Founder and CEO of SearchStax which builds, operates and manages the underlying Solr-as-a-Service infrastructure for the Sitecore Managed Cloud.

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