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Site Search for Drupal is a SaaS solution that is a gamechanger that makes it quicker, easier and less expensive for companies to deliver relevant and personalized site search experiences on Drupal-based websites. 

Editor’s Note: Site Search is now SearchStax Studio. It is the same great product that empowers marketers and developers with website search that is easy.

Watch the Video

Check out the highlight video below to see how easy it is to set up, configure and manage site search for your Drupal-based website.

What Do You Get with Site Search for Drupal?

The most important feature of Site Search is that it gives power to marketing teams to configure, analyze and optimize the site search experience on their Drupal websites – reducing IT bottlenecks. We have also developed a special integration module for Drupal customers that reduces the implementation time to less than 60 minutes.

The key components include:

  • Drupal Integration Module – accelerates the implementation process, and reduces the setup and integration effort on Sitecore to less than 60 minutes.
  • Search UX Accelerators – delivers UX best practices for site search out-of-the-box and can save weeks of custom development effort that is typically required to code search pages
  • Search Configuration – removes IT bottlenecks and dependence on developers — and provides an easy-to-use interface which lets business users configure search output anyway they want to with search fields and facets
  • Search Analytics – includes an analytics dashboard and reports that dive into the details for searches and content items.
  • Basic Relevance Tuning –  configures basic features that impact relevance such as stopwords, synonyms, spell checking and auto-suggest and takes advantage of an easy-to-use interface
  • Advanced Relevance Tuning –  lets you use Ranking to boost the importance of different fields to tune search, uses Rules to personalize and customize results, and curates search results with Promotions
  • Search Feedback – completes the 360 degree feedback loop by giving users the ability to leave NPS scores and qualitative feedback on the search experience

Give Site Search for Drupal a Closer Look

The top 4 reasons to give Site Search for Drupal a closer look are:

  1. Implements quickly using the Drupal Module and UX Accelerators
  2. Leverages your your Drupal investment by giving you a way to easily monitor and improve your customers’ search experience
  3. Gives control over the search experience to your marketing and business teams while reducing IT bottlenecks
  4. Achieves measurable value at a much lower cost than competing solutions

About the Author

By Tom Humbarger

Senior Product Marketing Manager

April 20, 2021


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