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SearchStax Welcomes WayPath to Alliance Program

SearchStax is excited to announce the inclusion of WayPath Consulting to its Alliance Program as a Silver Partner. WayPath is a boutique software consultancy specializing in enterprise CX platforms, offering high-performance, growth-focused customer engagement solutions for powerful, sustainable business results.

With headquarters in Richmond, Virginia, WayPath delivers mission-critical solutions that enable clients to enrich customer engagements. WayPath implements communication systems such as Content Management Systems (CMS), Customer Communication Management (CCM), and Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

Organizations across multiple industries including healthcare, finance, and government have maximized their return on their customer experience investment with WayPath’s guidance. Some of these organizations include the Virginia Department of Transportation, the life insurance company New York Life, and the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP)

How They Do It

WayPath is aware that customer experience platforms are so complex that without the right guide, it’s easy to get lost. That is why they make it a priority to stay connected with their customer at every step of their journey from the assessment and selection of platforms to their implementation and optimization.

With WayPath’s full-service approach, clients can increase lead generation and boost customer satisfaction while improving website performance and meeting content regulations and industry standards. 

Although platform agnostic, WayPath has multiple strategic partnerships that enable them to help the customer get to where they want to be. These include partnerships with Microsoft, Sitecore, and Open Text.

SearchStax looks forward to collaborating with Way Path to provide innovative search solutions!

About the SearchStax Alliance Program

Through the Alliance Program, SearchStax and partners combine talents to ensure that customers have robust Solr search infrastructure with SearchStax Cloud and a more relevant frontend search experience with SearchStudio. The alliance comprises over 20 companies and includes access to an exclusive partner portal with helpful resources and networking opportunities.

About the Author

By Daniela Prada

Partner Marketing Manager

August 17, 2022


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