June 23, 2021

Tom Humbarger


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Migrating Azure Search to Solr became a big issue for many Sitecore customers with the announcement last year that Sitecore deprecated Azure Search for Sitecore 10 and will remove it completely in a future release.

Azure Search to Solr Webinar Highlights

SearchStax recently hosted a webinar with a panel discussion on this topic where several Sitecore partner experts shared their thoughts on lessons learned from migrating their customers from Azure Search to Solr. 

Topics included:

  • What’s the story behind Sitecore and Azure Search – and why the move to Solr?
  • What are the risks and opportunities with migrating to Solr? 
  • Managing your Solr instance – DIY or outsourced?
  • What you may not know about the Solr architecture needed for Sitecore

Dennis Augustine from Konabos moderated the Roundtable panel discussion along with:

  • Vasiliy Fomichev from Altudo
  • Matt FitzGerald-Chamberlain from Engagency
  • Darren Webb from Delete / Kagool
  • Phani Abburi from Horizontal

Watch the webinar highlights and and then click on the button below to watch the full webinar recording to learn more about migrating Azure Search to Solr.

By Tom Humbarger

Senior Product Marketing Manager

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