June 21, 2021

Tom Humbarger


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Our development team works hard to ensure that SearchStax Managed Solr continues to meet the business needs of our customers and we want to announce support for the latest version of Apache Solr (version 8.8.2) and six new Azure regions.

Editor’s Note: Managed Solr is now SearchStax Cloud. It is the same great product that lets developers set up and deploy Solr infrastructure in minutes.

Support for Apache Solr 8.8.2

Managed Solr now supports Apache Solr is 8.8.2, the latest version of Solr. 

The Solr 8.8.2 release includes the following major bug fixes:

  • SOLR-15249: Properly set ZK ACLs on /security.json
  • SOLR-15233: Set doAs param in ConfigurableInternodeAuthHadoopPlugin
  • SOLR-15217: Use shardsWhitelist in ReplicationHandler
  • SOLR-15288: Hardening NODEDOWN event in collections using PerReplicaState

Solr 8.8.2 also fixes known vulnerabilities with the Replication handler, leakage of configured authentication and unprivileged users. Upgrading to Solr 8.8.2 or applying the patches corrects these vulnerabilities.

Visit our Managed Solr documentation for a complete list of all supported Solr versions.

New Azure Regions

To recognize the increasing global reach of SearchStax solutions, we added Managed Solr support for the following Azure regions:

  • France Central (Paris)
  • Germany West Central (Frankfurt)
  • Korea South (Busan)
  • Norway East (Oslo)
  • Switzerland North (Zurich)
  • South Africa North (Johannesburg)

Managed Solr is now available in 31 Azure regions, 14 Amazon Web Services (AWS) regions and 12 Google Cloud regions. For a complete list of regions supported, go to our Managed Solr documentation.

SearchStax Managed Solr is a fully-managed SaaS solution that automates, manages, maintains and scales Solr search infrastructure in public or private clouds.

By Tom Humbarger

Senior Product Marketing Manager

“…search should not only be for those organizations with massive search budgets.”

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