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Linakis.digital Partners with SearchStax and Sitecore to Build Exceptional Customer Experiences

Linakis.digital partners with SearchStax and is featured in our latest Solutions Partner profile. Our SearchStax Solutions Partners work with us so they can spend more time building exceptional customer experiences while we worry about deploying and managing the Sitecore Solr search environments that are critical to their projects. Learn why Linakis.digital partners with SearchStax.

Who is Linakis.digital?

Linakis.digital is an international award-winning digital agency focused on driving conversions via digital transformation best practices. Headquartered in Greece with a subsidiary in Cairo, Egypt, Linakis.digital offers their services throughout the EMEA region. Over the last 13 years, their team of more than 40 professionals have delivered many enterprise-grade digital solutions focused on digital transformation. 

Linakis.digital is a Sitecore Silver Implementation Partner and a Microsoft Silver Partner for Cloud Services which is a testament to their strategic decision to invest in acquiring knowledge and driving thought leadership in platforms and digital ecosystems that cater to all of their client’s needs. 

What Services Does Linakis.digital Provide?

Linakis.digital provide world-class user experience and implementation services that include:

  • Digital strategy and consulting – using a series of workshops, Linakis.digital asks questions to find meaningful answers and then combine those findings into a clear strategy to maximize digital footprints.
  • Customer insights and analytics – offers end-to-end services for the design and execution of omni-channel portfolio management strategies to maximize customer potential
  • Websites – designs and develops websites ranging from informational sites and portals to fun brand minisites and complex booking and ticketing platforms.
  • Mobile sites and apps – designs and develops mobile websites and apps to help brands meet their mobile needs
  • Web experience personalization – helps brands establish and enhance their digital presence by streamlining processes and incorporating Sitecore’s 7-stages maturity model

With an in-house team of certified Sitecore Developers, clients choose Linakis.digital for their Sitecore implementations because of their experience in building and integrating complex systems and their ability to cater to the most advanced needs. 

“We like to dive deep into Sitecore’s architecture, find solutions to hard problems, develop custom components, participate in the Sitecore development community, and, in general, increase our Sitecore footprint in the international market.”

With a diverse portfolio of projects for leading domestic and international accounts, Linakis.digital has experience in multiple industries including banking, airlines, tourism, insurance, telecoms and pharmaceuticals. Partnering with Sitecore, Linakis.digital has implemented projects to deliver exceptional digital experiences for some of the most powerful players in the Greek market such as Eurobank, Alpha Bank, Piraeus Bank and Aegean Airlines.

Linakis.digital follows Sitecore’s 7-stages maturity framework to help their clients reach their full personalization and omnichannel potential.

Here are a few of their customer successes:

Viewpoints on the Future of Interactive Websites and Apps

Vasilis Linakis, Founder and CEO at Linakis.digital shares his perspectives on the future of interactive websites and apps:

“Over the last decade, the nature of the internet has changed drastically. The use of AI, machine learning, and the availability of big data are the tools to excel in the 4th Industrial Revolution, so nothing we know now is not going to be the same in the coming years. 

Leveraging cutting-edge technology and having strong partnerships with tech experts will allow us to deliver highly personalized user experiences to help our clients achieve a successful digital transformation. We are investing heavily in user research and interaction design to successfully utilize all this available power coming from the technology and tech partnerships. 

From our experience, we have seen that big data won’t deliver positive results unless you have an experienced UX team to track the users’ digital footprint and translate it into a story that expresses their wants, needs and preferences. The second step towards an interactive website is to transform this story into a design that successfully serves their needs and the last step is bringing this design to life. For the last step, we need a team of highly skilled experts and reliable partners who understand the technology and share our vision.

We believe that the future of interactive websites and apps lies in personalization, and to achieve this all you need is a diverse team of experts and an extended network of partners, like SearchStax.”

Linankis.digital Partners with SearchStax to Expand Services

According to Mary Manolelli, Head of PM and Business Development, these are the reasons why Linakis.digital partners with SearchStax:

“We decided to join in a partnership with SearchStax as a strategic move to expand our services and partnerships with international digital agencies. Our partnership with Searchstax came along as we were looking for a reliable and experienced partner that has been trusted by large international organizations to minimize our team’s burden for implementing and supporting Solr. Sitecore recommended that SearchStax would be the partner we were looking for. 

As a digital agency, we commit ourselves in designing, developing, and supporting many different digital assets so working with SearchStax simplifies our work due to the high availability and the automation of their Managed Solr solution. Our partnership with SearchStax lets us deliver projects much faster for our clients while giving them confidence that their Solr infrastructure will be up and running 24x7x365, even on high traffic websites.

After collaborating with Searchstax on two projects for subsidiaries of the Eurobank Group (including Postbank Bulgaria), we know we share the common values and a passion for cutting-edge technology to help companies reach their full potential in the digital era.”

“SearchStax has a deep understanding of the needs of large corporations that use the Sitecore CMS from a research perspective – our partnership will help us to maintain our vision of delivering extraordinary digital experiences in the digital era.”

Manolis Poulakis, Senior Project Manager

About the Author

By Tom Humbarger

Senior Product Marketing Manager

September 29, 2020


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