Apache Solr Architectures for Cloud Deployment

Cloud Deployment Architectures for Apache Solr

At SearchStax, we have a unique perspective on Apache Solr architectures for cloud deployment. With over fifteen years of hands-on experience hosting hundreds of SolrCloud deployments, we are familiar with Solr deployments ranging from simple out-of-the box implementations to enterprise mission critical applications where high availability, high performance, system failover, disaster recovery and security are important business requirements.

Our latest white paper takes a deep dive into cloud deployment architectures for Apache Solr and examines how a simple proof-of-concept system evolves into an enterprise-class armor-studded foundation to support mission critical Solr search applications.

Apache Solr Architectures for the Cloud

The 10 Apache Solr architectures described in detail in the whitepaper include:

  • Local Apache Solr Architecture
  • Simplest Cloud Architecture – One Solr plus One Zookeeper
  • Early Solr Cluster on SearchStax – Three Solr with Three Zookeepers
  • SearchStax NextGen Cluster – Two Solr with Three Zookeepers
  • Disaster Recovery with Duplicate Clusters
  • Hot Disaster Recovery with Vanity DNS and Automatic Failover
  • Warm Disaster Recovery – Minimal Remote System
  • Cold Disaster Recovery and Remote Region Backup
  • Cross Data Center Replication (CDCR)
  • Virtual Network Peering

Enterprise-level SolrCloud architecture may seem complex, but every component is there for a good reason. By following the evolution from the simplest Solr project to the most complex, every step is a simple and logical progression resulting in an iron-clad Solr architecture that is secure, performant and highly available.

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