Customer Webinar: Scaling and Optimizing a Large e-Commerce Drupal Solution

Bio-Techne is a leading and rapidly growing life science and clinical diagnostic brand. They have multiple websites/brands that require fast and relevant search to help their customers find the products they are looking for. They are continuing to acquire additional brands to fold underneath the Bio-Techne umbrella.

More products, More customers, More transactions, More sites! All good things right, but how do you successfully build, manage and maintain such complex systems on Drupal all the while maintaining a great customer experience? In this talk we’ll deep dive into how Bio-Techne and SearchStax, resolved these issues and how you can too!

Bio-Techne manages multiple e-commerce websites with a million record product catalog as well as additional site content. How do you build in a way that allows you to manage and maintain your site while still being performant, keeping costs low and accelerating development timelines within Drupal.​

Out of the box Drupal Search is adequate at low volumes. At higher volumes, the traditional approach of having data in a search engine and database falls apart. Managing different search indices, each for Product Metadata, Site Content and Product Search, while good in theory does not work in real life.

In this webinar, you’ll learn about how Bio-Techne solved some of these issues and their evolution to consolidate their product and site search using Apache Solr and Drupal. You’ll also learn how we achieved CI with multiple development pipelines without impacting one another. Finally, we’ll describe an end product that is a more performant and scalable solution built with search than can pull out data faster than what MySQL could do.​

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