SearchStax Studio Overview Video

SearchStax Studio delivers advanced, modern and personalized search for your website or custom application.

In the next two minutes, we’re going to show you that website search with SearchStax Studio can be both powerful and easy.

We see four primary challenges with search today:

  1. Customers are expecting from your search experience and keeping up with the latest search innovations is a challenge for many companies.
  2. Lack of insights into search analytics and search conversions means that marketing teams are flying blind.
  3. Today’s rigid solutions don’t allow marketers to be self-sufficient and even small changes require too much development time.
  4. Finally, longer implementation cycles are barriers to agility and competitiveness.

SearchStax makes it easy with:

  • Best in class experience for website visitors that quickly gets them to the information they need
  • Actionable insights for executives to give them the information they need to make better decisions
  • Rapid response from marketers with easy to use tools to optimize the search experience
  • Quick time to value for developers using accelerators and API’s to speed implementation.

Studio is our website search solution that is easy to use, easy to measure, easy to change and improve and easy to implement.

Your top priority should be to make powerful search easy for your website visitors. Studio makes it effortless to deliver a high quality and delightful website search experience.

Your executives and marketing team are probably in the dark about what is going on with search on their website. Studio has a built-in analytics dashboard and reports that deliver excellent insights on searches, content, and the overall search experience.

Your marketing team wants to control their own destiny and don’t want to rely on developers to prioritize and make changes. Studio has the self-service and easy-to-use tools that let marketers change and improve the search experience without developers. Marketers can easily make changes to basic configuration like spellcheck, synonyms and stop words. They can easily drive personalization goals by creating different relevance models and then promoting fields using sliders or functions. They can drive specific content with global filters, rules and promotions to curate a specific search experience. And they can make recommendations using auto suggest and the related searches features to increase engagement.

As one of our customers said, prior to SearchStax, we really had no insights into our search analytics. In addition to analytics, we now have a whole host of search capabilities that I can use without having to involve our IT team.

From an integration and implementation standpoint, your developers want a solution that is easy to implement. Studio has CMS Quick Start connectors for Sitecore and Drupal, UX accelerators for quickly creating search pages, plus easy configurations to add multiple languages and API’s that make search easy to implement.

SearchStax Studio is easy to use, easy to measure, easy to change and improve and easy to implement.

Are you ready for powerful search that is easy? Check out Studio and find out for yourself at

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