SearchStax Site Search Overview Video

SearchStax Site Search delivers advanced, modern and personalized search for your website or custom application.

Since search technology was first developed, It has evolved to become the de facto way to navigate digital content.

But website search is more than just a search bar and a set of results.

Users now expect more from search and even want the ability to drive their search experience.

Web teams therefore demand the ability to deliver that seamless experience.

They’re required to keep pace with user expectations, promote specific content and make information easy to find quickly without bogging down the development team – and simply having search on your website isn’t enough –  even if users can find content how do you know what they really care about?

Introducing SearchStax Site Search, the easy, out-of-the-box search tool for your website.

Fast implementation, powerful search algorithms and no code operations help web teams get up and running quickly, and provide their users a great search experience, detailed analytics and reporting, providing insights into user behavior preference and trends.

Understanding your users will allow your organization to enhance the digital experience, to keep your users engaged and happy. 

Search has been around forever, but many underestimate the power of search as a tool in strengthening their brand.

See how SearchStax Site Search can help you meet your business goals, get started today and watch your digital experience and your users thrive.

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