SearchStax Site Search Overview Video

SearchStax Site Search solution is engineered to give marketers the agility they need to optimize site search outcomes. Get full visibility into search analytics and make real-time changes with one click.

You’re spending a lot of money to get 1000s of people to your content rich website, and 43% of them will head straight to your search bar, but you risk losing them if they can’t find the information they need. 

Getting the right search results is hard. It takes time and technical skills, which is why your site search is typically handed off to developers. 

Now we all love developers, but developers aren’t measured like marketers. That’s why we created SearchStax Site Search. 

SearchStax offers the only advanced site search experience that gives marketers full visibility into the data driven insights they need, and agility to meet their website optimization goals, like keeping visitors engaged on your site up to 50% longer, identifying content gaps, learning which topics are most popular and promoting key content on your results page. 

Of course, we give developers what they need to get you up and running quickly. 

Explore how SearchStax Site Search can work for you.