Managed Solr Overview Video

Watch a brief overview of SearchStax Managed Solr. SearchStax Managed Solr is a fully-managed SaaS solution that automates, manages, maintains and scales Solr search infrastructure in public or private clouds.

Welcome to the SearchStax Managed Solr overview video. In just a couple of minutes we’ll explain why you need a Managed Solr solution and provide you with reasons for why you’ll want to consider SearchStax.

Everyone knows that search is a critical success factor in today’s digital world. And if you Solr to power search for your website or application, you know that your implementation requires a reliable and high performing Solr infrastructure.

We see three primary pain points around Solr infrastructure.

  1. There’s no doubt that your developers have the skills to deploy, manage and scale Solr, but is that the best use of their valuable time.
  2. Setting up and managing high availability and high performance Solr is complicated, and not for the faint of heart.
  3. Solr operations is a distraction, and you want to free your team from tedious and time consuming support activities.


So what are your options for Solr infrastructure? Some users take a do it yourself approach and build the Solr infrastructure on their own or through a partner, and that will get the job done. But there are many hidden costs and risks to this approach.

Building it is only part of the equation in many companies neglect to consider how they’re going to manage, maintain, scale, upgrade, backup, patch and prepare for disasters.

Other companies turn to a managed Solr software solution, which lets them focus their time and resources on building better customer experiences, and less time on managing the Solr infrastructure.

SearchStax Managed Solr is a SaaS solution and has everything you need to automate, manage, maintain, and scale your Solr search infrastructure, while meeting all of your business objectives.

SearchStax Managed Solr has core features like cloud automation to get your Solr deployments up and running quickly, on demand scaling, monitoring and alerting to help you stay on top of how Solr is performing and automated backups and disaster recovery to keep your deployments highly available.

Search and compliance features include private environments, encryption at rest and transport and certifications from SOC2 and GDPR to make your deployments secure, and compliant for all industries and geographies.

We also have integrations and developer API’s to extend your solution and accelerate implementation.

SearchStax Managed Solr is available in private or public clouds in over 60 regions on AWS, Azure or Google Cloud.

We offer Solr architectures for any scale. We have single node environments that are ideal for development, testing, and QA deployments. The typical production environment is a high availability cluster that includes two or more Solr nodes, three zookeeper nodes, and a load balancer.

Multi region clusters have identical setups in two different regions and offer higher availability, better performance and cross region redundancy.

From a support standpoint, we offer four levels of product support with the top three levels backed by service level agreements and guaranteed uptimes.

  • Silver support is our self-serve option for non-production environments, prototyping or small projects. requests are addressed in less than 72 hours in the sport window is us business hours.
  • Gold support is a fully managed SLA backed plan that includes 99.5% uptime, and less than four hour turnaround.
  • Platinum is for business critical applications and is our most popular option. It includes 99.9% uptime 24 by seven by 365 coverage and less than 60 minute turnaround.
  • Platinum Plus is for mission critical applications and comes with 99.95% uptime, less than 30 minutes priority support and comes with bundled disaster recovery.


The top reasons companies turn to SearchStax for Managed Solr include:

  1. They want to accelerate timelines for their project.
  2. They want to centralize control over their Solr deployments.
  3. They would like to improve uptime and get higher performance.
  4. They want to deliver stability for their mission critical applications.
  5. They’d like to provide peace of mind with 24x7x365 support, and
  6. They’d like to satisfy the security and compliance requirements that their businesses require.


Let’s take a look at the software. SearchStax Managed Solr includes:

  • A collaborative portal that provides cloud automation with no loss of flexibility or control, resulting in an enterprise grade Solr infrastructure.
  • With the portal you can stop, start delete deployments, create on demand or scheduled backups, set up disaster recovery options, scale deployments up and down.
  • Use IP filtering to secure deployments and access various logs to help you understand performance.
  • Pulse is a built in monitoring and alerting dashboard that provides real time and historical graphs and metrics to monitor the health of your deployments. With pulse you get collection level monitoring, incident detection, heartbeat and threshold alerts and their support for web hooks and integration with your own tools.


SearchStax Managed Solr is trusted by hundreds of customers worldwide. And we manage 1000s of Solr deployments. In addition, we manage the Solr infrastructure for the website. And we power Solr for the Sitecore Managed Cloud offering.

SearchStax is building SaaS solutions for better search. We are on a mission to empower teams to deliver better search applications and experiences faster and with more confidence.

Visit us at to learn more about Managed Solr.