SearchStax Managed Search Overview Video

SearchStax Managed Search service is a fully-managed hosted Solr SaaS solution that automates, scales and manages Solr search infrastructure.

Welcome to the SearchStax Managed Search overview and demo.

Everyone knows that search is a critical success factor in today’s digital world – and if you use Solr to power search for your website or application, you know that your implementation requires a reliable and high performant Solr infrastructure. 

SearchStax Managed Search has everything you need to automate, manage, and maintain your hosted Solr search infrastructure.

SearchStax Managed Search has Core Features like:

  • Cloud automation to get your Solr deployments up and running quickly, On-demand scaling, monitoring and alerting to help you stay on top of solr performance, and Automated backups and disaster recovery to keep your deployments highly available.
  • Security and Compliance features such as single sign on and 2 factor authentication, Private environments and certifications from SOC2, HIPAA and GDPR 
  • We also have Integrations and developer APIs to extend your solution and accelerate implementation.


SearchStax Managed Search includes a collaborative portal that provides cloud automation with no loss of flexibility or control resulting in an enterprise-grade Solr infrastructure.  Let’s take a look at the software.

We’ll start by showing you how easy it is to create a Solr deployment.

  • Enter a deployment name
  • Select a cloud provider and region
  • Pick a type of deployment – node or cluster
  • Choose a size
  • Finally pick a Solr version


Click on Create Deployment and your Solr deployment will be ready in less than 10 minutes.

With the Portal, you can start, stop and delete deployments, create on-demand or scheduled backups, set up disaster recovery options, scale deployments up and down, use IP filtering to secure your deployments and access various logs to help you understand performance.

Our customers are using our Managed Search service to implement in hours instead of days or weeks on CMS platforms from Sitecore, Adobe, Drupal and Acquia – and with custom applications.

Pulse is the Built-in Monitoring and Alerting dashboard that provides real time and historical graphs and metrics to monitor the health of your deployments.

With Pulse, you get collection level monitoring for CPU, Memory, JVM, Throughput, Latency and Caches and more.

You can use alerting for heartbeat, threshold and incident detection and there is support for webhooks and integration with your own tools. 

SearchStax Managed Search is available in private or public clouds in over 60 regions on AWS, Azure or Google.

SearchStax manages the most trusted Solr footprint in the world and supports companies of all sizes across multiple industries around the globe.

Visit us at to learn more, talk to an expert, start a free trial or check out our online documentation.

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