Connect SearchStax Cloud to Sitecore in Minutes

Watch this short video of how to connect Sitecore to Solr using the SearchStax Cloud Connector for Sitecore.

The Cloud Connector accelerates the process and automates a number of manual tasks involved with connecting a Sitecore installation to a SearchStax Solr instance. Setting up Solr with the Cloud Connector takes just a few minutes and will save you hours of time and effort. Visit the SearchStax Github page to download the latest Cloud Connector for Sitecore.

SearchStax Cloud Connector for Sitecore FAQs

SearchStax Cloud Connector to integrate with:

  • Sitecore 10.3.0
  • Sitecore 10.2.0
  • Sitecore 10.1.0, 10.1.1, 10.1.2
  • Sitecore 10.0.0, 10.0.1, 10.0.2, 10.0.3
  • Sitecore 9.0 Update-2
  • Sitecore 9.1 Update-1
  • Sitecore 9.2 Initial Update
  • Sitecore 9.3 Initial Update
  • Sitecore Commerce 9.2.0 Initial Update
  • Sitecore Commerce 9.3.0 Initial Update using PowerShell v6


Here is what the Cloud Connector for Sitecore automates:

  • Checks the connectivity between Sitecore and Solr running on SearchStax
  • Uploads config files to the Solr deployment
  • Determines if the Solr is running on a single node, or if it’s a multi-node cluster.
  • Creates appropriate collections in Solr
  • Configures collections for redundancy and high-availability if it detects Solr is running as a cluster
  • Creates aliases for XDB collections
  • Updates the config files in Sitecore On-Premise to make sure it is able to communicate with the Solr
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