The Reference is a committed digital agency of creative thinkers, driven by knowledge and craftsmanship. They have a collaborative culture in which they leverage their expertise and unleash creativity in every aspect of their work. This allows them to open up digital opportunities within businesses. That’s why A-brands and other market leaders have been considering them trusted advisors for many years.



Fast and agile thinking will make you stay ahead of the competition. With The Reference, you’ll look at the bigger picture and go on a journey to uncover new successful strategies. Strategies that will take your business to the next level. 


The Reference team loves building solutions that help their clients in whichever way they need. They let their creative minds flourish in everything they do. You can see this in both the interfaces and platforms they develop as well as the content they create. 


Making sure you reach your audience with the message that converts is what marketing is all about. At The Reference, they don’t believe in marketing for the sake of short-term gains. A solid marketing plan is about long-term success achieved through well-chosen tactics. Together with The Reference, you’ll go for sustainable growth. 

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