About Konabos

Konabos clients use Sitecore because they want the best content management system on the market, but the complexity of the system and their lack of experience can make the process of designing, refining, and implementing Sitecore projects impossible.

When our clients take on Sitecore projects that too difficult for their staff to handle, we provide talented professionals who have the insight and expertise to get the job done. Experience matters and our experts have a proven track record of delivering results as software consultants, engineers, architects and marketers.

We have decades of combined experience managing IT projects, and we have helped countless entrepreneurs, corporate executives, and IT managers adapt the Sitecore platform to their business needs. Don’t settle for staff augmentation agencies that do not provide expert advice, training, and services. Our team of Sitecore MVPs have the knowledge, skills, and experience to deliver lasting results.

Konabos' Services

Data Governance and Privacy Compliance

The laws and local requirements for data governance are always changing. We have a team of compliance and data security specialists at Konabos Consulting that can help ensure that your website meets the current regional regulations and is designed to fulfill your customer’s privacy needs.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The Konabos Search Engine Optimization Team is a potent combination of left and right brain individuals who come together to contribute as tech wizards, digital experience strategists, and multi-lingual content wordsmiths.

Paid Advertising

The Konabos Pay Per Click Advertising team includes copywriters, analytics, and digital customer acquisition specialists with experience in PPC consulting and digital advertisement management.

Website Search

Are you looking for insight and expertise to take the search on your website to the next level? Leave it to us. Whether you are a direct customer or an agency partner, we are here to help you design and implement a superior search experience for your customers.

Turnkey SME Digital Marketing

The Konabos digital marketing and software solutions teams can help you get and KEEP more customers and help you discover or create the next widget in an increasingly digital world.

Social Media Marketing

Social media can build brand awareness online, generate leads, and an effective tool when communicating with customers online.

Sitecore Personalization & Content Management Training

There are hundreds of Sitecore owners who have never even used the powerful features within the platform.

Content Writing Marketing

The Konabos content marketing team specializes in SEO-friendly, bilingual blog content production to extend your website reach and engagement.

Sitecore Content Hub

The marketplace has evolved and now requires us to deliver personalized, engaging, and fresh experiences to diverse customer segments and across multiple channels.

Digital Strategy

Creating highly engaging Digital Customer Experiences (DCX) can be a daunting task, that’s why Konabos developed a nine-step process that helps guide the discussion and activities. Since this is an operational process, you can enter the “wheel” at any stage and move to the next step in succession.

Digital Customer Experience Implementation

Effective Digital Customer Experience (DCX) solutions begin with a solid understanding of the intersection of business goals, customer journeys, and the technical capabilities of myriad Digital Experience Platform (DXP) options.

Sitecore Content Hub Data Migration Service

Organizations choose Sitecore Content Hub in response to the inevitable Content Management Crisis that ensues as they strive to create the content at scale that is essential for powering a highly targeted, personalized customer experience (CX).

User Experience and User Interface Design

With expertise in UX/UI design and development for web, mobile, and social applications, we will work with you to create a UX strategy that will lead to an effective and efficient user experience.

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