SearchStax Strengthens Headless Capabilities to Accelerate the Delivery of Modern Search Experiences

Search UI Kit extends the capabilities of SearchStax’s award-winning site search solution, enabling flexible and easy delivery of powerful search-optimized digital experiences

November 8, 2023

El Segundo, California, November 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — SearchStaxa leading cloud-native search platform enabling web teams to deliver powerful search in an easy, fast, and cost-effective way, today announced the launch of Search UI Kit for SearchStax Studio, an optimized set of software and tools that empower developers to easily build and  customize search experiences within headless content management system and composable digital experience platform architectures. 

For years, the SearchStax Studio product has enabled organizations across the globe to painlessly transform their digital experiences to be search-optimized. Through innovative packaging, workflow designs, extensive APIs, and native connector integrations, SearchStax Studio has enabled digital teams to embed site search functionality to their websites in record time, at a price point that fits the budget of non-commerce search use cases, while improving operational efficiency – with SearchStax Studio, digital marketing teams can directly control and update the search experience in real time, thereby freeing up developers. This combination of flexibility, powerful search capabilities, ease of use, and speed of implementation for search-optimized digital experiences are unmatched in the search market today. 

Search UI Kit adds to SearchStax Studio’s flexibility, ease of use, and speed of implementation, by directly addressing the technical requirement within headless architectures, to decouple front-end search capabilities from back-end systems and logic, within common enterprise CMS and DXP environments such as Acquia/Drupal, Sitecore, Adobe, Contentful, and others. 

Although SearchStax Studio’s extensive APIs have already enabled current customers to deploy within headless architectures for some time, the Search UI Kit further bolsters the ability for SearchStax Studio developers to painlessly implement site search even faster, within a broader range of headless environments.

The Search UI Kit for SearchStax Studio consists of:

  • Search UI Components – pre-built front-end search results page components for JavaScript-powered front ends – including component libraries for React, Vue, and Angular
  • Search UI App – a pre-built search result page app for immediate use on any website
  • Search UI REST APIs – one of several sets of REST APIs supported within SearchStax Studio, used for displaying search results and responding to user interactions
  • Tools and templates – fast-track documentation and components needed to get started quickly, including demo apps available on GitHub

“Many development teams today are moving quickly toward headless in order to increase agility and flexibility,” said Pete Navarra, VP of DXP Solutions at SearchStax and Sitecore MVP. “And just as quickly, many of these same organizations are looking to retool their digital experiences to be more search-optimized. The need for search stems from the fact that a high-quality search experience has proven to increase brand perception and loyalty. The need to do headless and search-optimized experiences should not slow dev teams down, nor hinder their ability to optimize the experience. Our market-leading approach to powerful and easy search extends to headless, enabling development teams to deliver quicker and maintain complete flexibility as their architectural and operational needs evolve.”

In conjunction with the SearchStax Ingest APIs and SearchStax Crawler – used for indexing and updating content – as well as analytics tracking and metrics reporting APIs, the Search UI Kit for SearchStax Studio enables development teams that are seriously considering adding site search within a headless CMS architecture to execute on a more agile, painless site search implementation strategy than other solutions can offer. Learn more about Search UI Kit for SearchStax Studio.

About SearchStax

SearchStax is the easiest and fastest way for marketers and developers to deliver powerful, relevant and robust search experiences. SearchStax offers end-to-end search solutions for better search – SearchStax Cloud makes it easier to deploy and manage highly-available and scalable Solr infrastructure on the back end, and SearchStax Studio delivers advanced, modern and personalized site search on the front end. SearchStax Cloud Serverless enables developers to build web and mobile applications without worrying about sizing, provisioning, or managing Solr infrastructure.

With over 700 customers and integrations into the Sitecore, Drupal/Acquia and Adobe ecosystems, companies around the globe trust SearchStax to make powerful search easy. Key brands that trust SearchStax for their search needs include Canon, Black & Decker, and Toyota. SearchStax has earned numerous G2 awards including Best Usability and Easiest to Do Business With. More information can be found at


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