Measured Search Becomes SearchStax As It Focuses On Search Platform-As-A-Service for Developers

January 18, 2018

El Segundo, California, January 18, 2018 /PRNewswire/ – Measured Search Inc, provider of the leading Apache Solr platform-as-a-service solution, today announced that the company will change its name to SearchStax, Inc. SearchStax captures the essence of the company’s mission of delivering enterprise class cloud services and software for Apache Solr and Elasticsearch.

Measured Search has grown from a boutique search consultancy serving a handful of customers to a Platform-as-a-Service led business with managed services and professional services as supporting pillars. SearchStax manages hundreds of mission critical Apache Solr and Elasticsearch deployments.  SearchStax aligns the company’s brand and mission and leverages its products and services to help innovators deliver relevant and engaging digital experiences.

“Our industry has had a remarkable evolution over the last decade – from being dominated by large proprietary on-premise search solutions to the widespread adoption of open-source technologies and the cloud. Our name change to SearchStax is a reflection of our commitment to relentlessly look for ways to improve our customer’s ability to provide fast and relevant search-powered experiences.” Sameer Maggon, Founder and CEO, SearchStax.

Over the last year, SearchStax has made tremendous progress with open-source search in the cloud, including:

  • Launch of SearchStax Cloud Private AWS / Azure — For applications that demand high security, SearchStax Cloud Private AWS and SearchStax Cloud Private Azure secures your search infrastructure within a Virtual Private Cloud / Virtual Network and enables traffic through VPC / VNET peering. This effectively isolates your search infrastructure from other applications and traffic.
  • Launch of SearchStax ElasticSearch Service –Host, deploy, and manage Elasticsearch applications in any cloud. We’ve baked in deep search expertise into our Elasticsearch-as-a-Service platform. Our focus is to help companies make amazing Elasticsearch applications faster and easier.
  • Enhancements to SearchStax Analytics — With SearchStax’s Search Analytics, our goal is to create actionable search analytics for our customers. These insights can then help drive conversions and revenue. We do this by enabling search analytics at the query level. This allows search team’s to gain insights around what users are searching for and how to optimize for search relevance.

About SearchStax

SearchStax® enables companies to elevate the experience of Apache Solr or Elasticsearch based search applications faster and with more confidence. SearchStax offers software and services that automate Apache Solr or Elasticsearch provisioning, management and administration in the cloud, improves stability and performance, provides comprehensive end-user search analytics, and on demand Search expertise. Our mission is to help organizations get the most out of their open-source search investment.


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