October 17–20, 2023 | Lille, France

Lightning Talk: Supercharging Search with Generative AI

In this 15-minute Lightning Talk, SearchStax’s CEO and founder Sameer Maggon will demystify the AI jargon we hear today, and dive into a couple of key considerations about generative AI within site search.

Tuesday, Oct. 17 | 15:00 pm CET | Acquia Booth (Booth #11)

Learn to Integrate SearchStax Site Search on a Drupal Site

When: Thursday, Oct. 19 | 10:30am–12:15pm
Room: Room 3.3 (7)
Track: Sponsored talk
Instructors: Kevin Montgomery, Sr. Product Marketing Engineer & Tyler Huff, Solutions Engineer

Join SearchStax in this hands-on workshop for people who want to improve their website search experience in a quick and easy way. No deep technical knowledge is required, either in Drupal or site search technologies.

The goal of this workshop is to provide a hands-on, guided set of exercises that walk the attendee through the provisioning, setup, configuration, and management of a fully functional site search experience.

You’ll learn the basic concepts of SearchStax Studio capabilities – installing a Search UI app, setting up facets and filters, synonyms, stopwords, spell check, auto-suggest, related searches, relevance models, and more.

Upon completion of this workshop, attendees will receive a SearchStax Professional badge that acknowledges their skill level in SearchStax technologies. The SearchStax Professional level is the first step in the SearchStax Certification Program.

Meet our Team at DrupalCon!

Sameer Maggon
Founder & CEO

Tyler Huff
Solutions Engineer

Kevin Montgomery Sr. Product Marketing Engineer

Chris Brady
Director, Partnerships

Ryan Clark - VP Sales at SearchStax

Ryan Clark
VP, Sales