Situation is a dynamic new company that is growing rapidly. TrackDrive is a call tracking platform that allows their customers to manage their call routing and advertising optimization. They were running Apache Solr on AWS (Amazon Web Services) on a custom box. They utilize Solr to index telephone calls and display information about calls using facets on client dashboards. The dashboards make requests to Solr every 10 seconds throughout the day. Searches need to be near realtime.

It’s very important for TrackDrive’s customers that they can search and access their call data quickly at any time. As TrackDrive continued their growth, their Solr instance was becoming unstable and they wanted to make sure they could adequately scale to handle growth into the future. They realized that this was important but not core to their business so they sought an external solution.
Key needs for TrackDrive included:

  • SOLR endpoints that never go down during their business hours (M-F 6am to 10pm ET)
  • Ability to scale up and down easily and dynamically based on volume
  • Datadog monitoring integration


The SearchStax team engaged with TrackDrive’s team and utilized SearchStax, the leading Solr-as-a-Service platform to stand up a multi-node production deployment. Since all production SearchStax clusters are front-ended with load balancers, high availability was ensured. The TrackDrive team didn’t want to become experts in search so they opted for Gold level SearchStax support. This not only provided additional managed support services, but also enabled their Datadog integration.

“We feel really confident with SearchStax and the support we’ve received from them. As we continue to grow, I have every expectation that our search solution will grow seamlessly with us.” -Richard Nolan, President


The combined teams were able to transition to the new SearchStax deployments in less than a week. Availability and latency have met and exceeded TrackDrive’s expectations. The integration with Datadog has also gone smoothly. Most importantly for TrackDrive, partnering with SearchStax freed resources from search and infrastructure and instead allowed them to focus on adding new customers and building products that meet those customer’s critical needs.

“Stability, performance, and availability have all been top notch even as we’ve seen data grow 100% every month. It’s been great to use SearchStax as they’ve allowed us to focus on the things we really care about - creating great products and finding more customers! To top it all off we’ve gotten 15x the value out of SearchStax versus hiring an engineer to be focused on search and infrastructure.” -Richard Nolan, President

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