HCA Innovates at Scale with Sitecore and SearchStax


If we didn’t bring in SearchStax, we would have had to re-architect our entire search solution. SearchStax shaved at least a month of development time by working with us to fit into our existing architecture.

James Simcock | Head of Digital
HCA Healthcare UK


HCA is the largest private healthcare provider in the world, and HCA Healthcare UK is the largest provider of privately funded healthcare in the UK. Since 1968, HCA has followed the philosophy of putting patients first and provides compassionate care to patients with services ranging from clinical research, primary care, outpatient and day-case treatment.


HCA had used and managed Solr for customized search in the legacy environment which included Sitecore, WordPress and other CMS solutions for their 146 different facilities. HCA managed Solr on their own, but the deployment severely limited their ability to deploy new code or make changes and was not compatible with the planned new environment.

HCA consolidated on the Sitecore platform for content management and needed a high availability and robust Solr search solution for their new environment. In addition, HCA wanted to build a strong foundation that was future proofed and would support a planned suite of fundamentally enabling changes including virtual consultations, digital registration, telemedicine and patient-facing functional elements.


HCA’s solution started with a fresh installation of Sitecore 9.3 using the Azure platform as a service replicated across two Azure data centers in different regions. Working with SearchStax and a short project timeline, SearchStax and HCA implemented the SearchStax hosted Solr solution in less than two weeks.

In addition, HCA implemented a production SearchStax Cloud instance with Platinum support and warm disaster recovery, and two smaller deployments for UAT and Development testing.


SearchStax exceeded HCA’s expectations and compressed their implementation timeline by moving from an initial discovery call to contract negotiations to project kick-off within a two week period.

Coming into the project at the last minute, SearchStax was able to quickly implement Solr — and HCA didn’t have to re-architect the planned search solution which saved at least a month of development time.

Solr is deeply integrated into the new Sitecore environment and the SearchStax Cloud will make it easier to adopt changes in the future. In addition to saving a significant amount of development time, the Sitecore and SearchStax implementation gives the team the confidence and assurance needed to move forward with their planned changes to delivering innovative healthcare services to meet future patient and customer needs.


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