Analog Eliminates System Downtime with Managed Solr and CDCR

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Analog Devices uses Sitecore for the content management system (CMS) to manage their website. To take advantage of the latest Sitecore 9.1 features, Analog decided to move their website application hosting platform to Azure PaaS for their Sitecore upgrade and implementation. Moving Sitecore to the cloud meant that they also had to decide which option to use for search with the choices being either Azure Search or Apache Solr.

They quickly decided that Azure Search had too many limitations at the time of evaluation and it wasn’t mature enough for enterprise search, so they decided to use Solr for their search engine.


ADI had very complex business requirements and they needed their highly trafficked website to be operational nearly 100% of the time. In addition, their requirements for the website update included a Blue-Green deployment, hot disaster recovery, high availability and performance, and regional compliance.

SearchStax helped ADI overcome several challenges with the implementation. First, we created APIs so they could programmatically and seamlessly transition between Solr deployments when moving from Static to Production instances for their Blue-Green deployment. The APIs used in the Static deployment included creation and restoration of backups, adding security and creating the vanity URLs. SearchStax also worked with Analog to implement disaster recovery with Cross Data Center Replication (CDCR) to reduce their recovery point objectives (RPO) and provide higher availability across multiple geographic regions.


The Blue-Green implementation allows Analog to rapidly spin up and then delete their Static system when they no longer needed it. Through this process, Analog was able to reduce their cloud deployment costs by more than more than 80%.

The SearchStax APIs allow Analog to programmatically deploy a new Solr instance and seamlessly switch from one cluster to another with minimal human intervention which added to the cost savings. 

SearchStax also helped Analog reduce the RPO time on their system from 24 hours to less than 10 minutes by implementing disaster recovery with CDCR.

SearchStax has proven to be a trusted and valuable partner in’s Cloud Journey. There were a lot of unknowns along the way but I am proud to say that SearchStax has demonstrated a great level of commitment and support both in terms of the platform and their technical expertise.

Debajyoti (DJ) Basu
Senior Technology Architect


The main advantages of using SearchStax were their technical Solr expertise and the way they collaboratively worked with us to improve the search experience on

Shashi Myadam                      Technical Lead

Sitecore Relies on SearchStax Managed Solr