October 28, 2022

Chris Hanson


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We’re back in the office post-Sitecore Symposium and still going over all the best moments and lessons learned from the weeklong event. There were tons of visits with users and partners. There was a presentation from our resident Sitecore MVP, Pete Navarra. We gave away an Oculus at our booth. And we’re sharing notes and checking out all the shared social posts on the Sitecore Symposium website. Below are the main highlights from SearchStax team members who attended the event.

What is a Rule in SearchStax Studio?

Nearly all our team members got to connect with SearchStax customers, prospects, Sitecore contacts and people within our partner program. These visits are invaluable in helping us uncover new opportunities to help users as well as reinforcing our focus to address customers’ needs.

“The most interesting thing for me was seeing how much our customers love our SearchStax Cloud solution,” said Anders DiLascio, SearchStax account executive. “It was great seeing the amount of support we have within the Sitecore community.”

He added that a main discussion topic was the industry need for a reasonably priced site search solution that makes it easier for companies to improve their site search experience. “There’s definitely a perceived gap with some existing solutions and that some of them don’t offer the value that users are looking for.”

“It was remarkable to see how many people not only knew of SearchStax but had stopped by the booth because of the positive reviews and recommendations they’ve received from their peers,” said Bri Riede, SearchStax marketing associate.

“My favorite part was seeing the Sitecore community as a whole,” said Pete Navarra, VP DXP Solutions of SearchStax and Sitecore MVP. “We’ve been unable to meet as a group for nearly three years.”

Sharing Insights About Sitecore

Navarra had a chance to co-present with one of our SearchStax Studio customers, Bashi Nisar from IFS. Navarra and Nisar showed audiences what they could do with SearchStax Studio and how easy it is to tailor it to fit the Sitecore content management system.

Outside of presentations, we received multiple questions around analytics. How does SearchStax Studio’s analytics compare to Google Analytics? Which metrics should organizations be interested in? And how do you turn analytics into actionable steps? We published a blog earlier this week that shows the differences between SearchStax Studio and Google Analytics to help answer these questions. And there’s an upcoming blog that will share how teams can use analytics to generate new ideas, maintain existing content, and prioritize different content needs. 

Keeping an Eye on a Growing Market

Sitecore’s product announcement of Sitecore Search turned heads and started lots of productive conversations on and off the tradeshow floor. The overall sentiment from people visiting our booth was that this was a great opportunity for SearchStax’s positive customer experience to stand out more than ever. 

“It was great to see that many attendees initially thought about SearchStax when the announcement was made,” said Riley Bradshaw, SearchStax partner success manager.

Booth Giveaways for Visitors

The Site Search Overview Dashboard in Google Analytics shows overview metrics such as the number of sessions with search, total number of unique searches and time spent on the site after search.

During the show, we did manage to find a moment of fun by doing a giveaway for a chance to win an Oculus VR set. Visitors who stopped by could enter their names for a chance to win. Andrew Fitzpatrick from ISACA was selected from the drawing and was able to claim his Oculus VR set at the Symposium.

Expectations for Next Year

Team members are already anticipating what might happen during the next Sitecore Symposium in 2023. Many predict that new innovations and updates could be on the horizon because new products often spur ideas at other organizations. “This really opens the door for closer collaboration with our customers to continue meeting their needs as well as finding ways to solve others,” said Matthew Bouley, SearchStax account executive.

By Chris Hanson

Principal Content Specialist

“…search should not only be for those organizations with massive search budgets.”

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