Dec. 02, 2021

Dipsy Kapoor


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We are pleased to announce that SearchStax has added Sitecore 10.2 support for our Sitecore Solr Plugin. The Sitecore Solr Plugin accelerates the process and automates a number of manual tasks involved with connecting a Sitecore installation to a SearchStax Cloud instance. Setting up Solr with the Plugin takes just a few minutes and will save you hours of time and effort.

As a Sitecore Technology Alliance Program partner, we know how important it is to stay in step with and support the new Sitecore 10.2.0 release. We continue to support the Sitecore community by making Solr easier to install and manage on the Sitecore platform.

Sitecore Solr Plugin Automates Manual Tasks

Here is what the Sitecore Solr Plugin automates:

  • Checks the connectivity between Sitecore and Solr running on SearchStax
  • Uploads config files to the Solr deployment
  • Determines if the Solr is running on a single node, or if it’s a multi-node cluster.
  • Creates appropriate collections in Solr
  • Configures collections for redundancy and high-availability if it detects Solr is running as a cluster
  • Creates aliases for XDB collections
  • Updates the config files in Sitecore to make sure it is able to communicate with the Solr

Configure the Solr Plugin

Configuring and executing the SearchStax Sitecore Plugin is as easy as filling out a simple form that updates the config file and then hitting the return key. Complete integration and configuration details are listed in our Sitecore 10.2 product documentation.

To run the script, you need to update the information in the configuration file located at .\config.yml.

The config file contains the following fields:

Config File for SearchStax Cloud Connector for Sitecore

Sitecore Solr Plugin Versions and Limitations

The Sitecore Solr Plugin v1.11 currently supports the following versions of Sitecore:

Currently the script supports following Sitecore XP versions and their XConnect:

  • 9.0 Update-2 (9.0.2)
  • 9.1 Update-1 (9.1.1)
  • 9.2 Initial Update (9.2.0)
  • 9.3 Initial Update (9.3.0)
  • 10.0 Initial Update (10.0.0)
  • 10.1 Initial Update (10.1.0)
  • 10.1 Update-1 (10.1.1)
  • 10.2 Initial Update (10.2.0)


Sitecore Commerce is currently supported on:

  • 9.2 Initial Update (9.2.0)
  • 9.3 Initial Update (9.3.0)


There are two limitations for the Sitecore Solr Plugin. The Plugin does not currently support Sitecore SXA or SwitchOnRebuild for Sitecore XP, but support is planned in the near future.

Download the Solr Plugin v1.11

The Sitecore Solr Plugin v1.11 is an open source solution and is publicly available for free download on GitHub. Full instructions for using the Plugin are included on the GitHub site and the latest Plugin is backwards compatible with earlier versions of Sitecore.

In the FAQ section of the Readme file on GitHub, we also added a section on recommended Sitecore Solr performance optimization settings. These tuning settings will improve overall performance and cure some common issues from high memory consumption, slow response times and backup issues.

With the support of the Sitecore and Github community, we will continue to update and add new features to the Sitecore Solr Plugin in the future. Please join in the discussion and let us know what updates you’d like to see in the future versions.

By Dipsy Kapoor

VP, Engineering

"Your developers’ time is a very valuable commodity. They should spend their time focused on value-added activities such as building better search experiences instead of dealing with the mundane operational details of deploying, managing and scaling Solr infrastructure."

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