July 29, 2021

Danielle Bartholomew


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SearchStax is announcing the launch of a new incentive program for members of the Alliance Partner Program.

Incentive Program Goals

Embodying the alliance’s motto to “deliver better search experiences, together”, the incentive program was created to drive mutual gains and strengthen partnerships by providing relevant and beneficial incentives.

“Our goal in launching this initiative is to continue to create value and generate opportunities for our exceptional partner community. We’re looking forward to working together to share SearchStax’s products and providing excellent search experiences! ”

Mamie Cruse, Global Partnerships

First Partner Initiative Focuses on Site Search

The first initiative launched this month and focuses on driving new contracts for SearchStax Studio. New incentives will be announced strategically and periodically throughout 2021 and beyond. Each incentive will provide a financial or business incentive to all alliance members and details of each incentive will be made available in the SearchStax Partner Portal.

We plan to expand the incentives offered in the upcoming months. If you’re not a member of the Alliance Partner  Program, contact us to join the community.

About the SearchStax Alliance Partner Program

Through the Alliance Program, SearchStax and partners combine talents to ensure that customers have robust and high availability Solr search infrastructure with SearchStax Cloud and a more relevant frontend search experience with SearchStax Studio. The Alliance comprises over 40 companies and includes access to an exclusive partner portal with resources, best practices, and networking opportunities.

By Danielle Bartholomew

Director, Partner Success

“…search should not only be for those organizations with massive search budgets.”

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