SearchStax is Going to DrupalCon

SearchStax is a Gold Sponsor of the DrupalCon North America conference which runs from April 12 to 16. DrupalCon is a program of the Drupal Association to bring people together to share thought leadership and invigorate the open source Drupal project momentum through education.

More than 3,000 professionals are expected to attend DrupalCon this year and there will be live programming from 11am to 3pm Eastern every day. Plus, there will be a Sponsor Expo area where participants can meet and interact with the sponsors.

People attend DrupalCon to learn Drupal best practices, strategies and new skills, connect with others in the Drupal Community and build your career or business that showcases your work. If you haven’t registered for DrupalCon yet, use the button below. You can also follow along on the @DrupalCon Twitter feed or follow the #DrupalCon hashtag.

Our Customers are Speaking at DrupalCon

On Wednesday April 14th at 2:40pm EDT (11:40am PDT), the marketing, Drupal and IT team from our customer APQC will share their experience of Site Search.

The title of the session is Improving Search Experience in Drupal: The Painless Way:

Note that you have to be registered for DrupalCon to view the panel discussion live. We plan to record the session and will share it in a future post on the SearchStax blog.

Visit the SearchStax Virtual DrupalCon Expo Booth

If you are attending DrupalCon, please stop by our booth to chat with us about improving search on your Drupal website. Our team will be available to answer questions and provide short demos of our Site Search

In case you’re wondering, we selected this image for our DrupalCon virtual booth because it shows the purest form of the feelings that we want people to experience when they improve search using SearchStax.

Watch our New Site Search for Drupal Video

We recorded a new Site Search for Drupal overview video that we will be sharing in our virtual booth at DrupalCon. Get a sneak preview below:

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