Dec. 13, 2021

Danielle Bartholomew


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December’s Partner Spotlight focuses on our global partner Konabos. The team at Konabos is comprised of industry and content management experts with a proven track record of delivering results as software consultants, engineers, architects and marketers. Konabos has decades of combined experience managing IT projects and has helped countless entrepreneurs, corporate executives, and IT managers adapt the right platform to fit their business needs. 

In addition to being industry experts, the Konabos team members are also innovators, content creators and educators. The company’s blog provides information and tactile advice on a wide range of tech, management and marketing topics that include everything from tips to consider when switching to Jamstack to helping companies understand their content creation process

Step Into the Konaverse

A big feature of Konabos’s blog and content creation is the Konaverse Podcast. Konaverse is an engaging and informative show about technology, work, careers and life. It was started in May 2021 by hosts Matt McQueeny and Akshay Sura to provide expert insights and highlight the importance of human connection within the tech industry. 

Matt McQueeny shared, “The hope for the podcast was and is to connect people, partners, businesses that we know from the technology sphere but to talk to them about life, family, personal growth, and “offline” things. This was our hope – and it has come to fruition! – and is in many ways an extension of our own culture and mission at Konabos.” 

Noteworthy Episodes

SearchStax’s own Head of Product, Sameer Maggon, participated in the July 2021 episode and discussed life in India and Southern California, entrepreneurship and search technology. Sameer talks about his childhood in India and the experiences that led him to start SearchStax. 

Other binge-worthy episodes featuring founders include the September 2021 show with Lars Nielsen on co-founding Sitecore and the December 2021 episode with Petr Palas from Kentico. Learn about the origin stories of these powerhouse companies and the journey to entrepreneurship with the creators behind them.

The June 2021 episode features Hugo Santos, Search Practice Lead at Konabos. Hugo talks search technology and innovations and his path from Brazil to Canada. 

How to Listen

The Konaverse podcast can be found on Konabo’s website and other major streaming platforms including Apple Podcasts and Spotify. 

SearchStax is proud to be partners with Konabos and looks forward to continued learning and search collaborations!

By Danielle Bartholomew

Director, Partner Success

"Your developers’ time is a very valuable commodity. They should spend their time focused on value-added activities such as building better search experiences instead of dealing with the mundane operational details of deploying, managing and scaling Solr infrastructure."

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