November 08, 2023

Jae Lee


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We cannot wait to attend Acquia Engage next week! The fact that it’s taking place within the historic backdrop of Boston is just an added bonus – we have multiple reasons we’re so excited about this year’s Engage.

For those not familiar with Acquia Engage, this event is all about digital business strategy. This means a primary focus on business leaders and marketing professionals. Of course, we at SearchStax always do (and will continue to always) show love to our developer community and technical champions – but this event also gives us a chance to engage (see what we did there) not only with the technical managers and practitioners, but with those business leaders and marketing professionals who are ambitiously and smartly looking to leverage (or have already leveraged) search solutions to solve key marketing and business challenges.

Which is why we’re absolutely thrilled to be a Gold Sponsor at Acquia Engage this year, at the first stop of Acquia’s 2023-2024 Digital Freedom Tour. This is coming right off the heels of DrupalCon Lille just a few weeks ago, where we had the privilege of meeting up with key Acquia teams in a partnership context. Acquia graciously invited us to give a lightning talk at their booth in Lille, and our CEO and Founder, Sameer Maggon, knocked it out of the park in a short but insight-packed discussion for the technical community, by sharing his perspective on how to separate myth from reality when it comes to AI in the context of site search.  

Breakout Session: Leveraging Your Own Site Search

For Boston, we have a great breakout session in store, where we’ll be co-presenting with Acquia, not only as a DXP partner, but in the context of Acquia-as-a-SearchStax-customer. Again, we are set to join forces, this time with our esteemed customer and partner Matt Wetmore, Senior Director of Digital Marketing at Acquia. This is a must-attend presentation if you’re at all interested in search — Matt and Sameer will cover the story of how Acquia came to prioritize site search as a key factor that could help maintain and improve brand loyalty on their website. Matt and Sameer will also share industry insights into “what really matters” when it comes to search. This discussion will cover the importance of search in the context of DXP composability, headless CMS architectures, and everyone’s favorite topic of the year – generative AI and LLMs. 

Scheduled for Wednesday, Nov. 15, at 4:15 p.m. in the Monet Room, this breakout session – titled “Don’t Google That: Leverage Your Site Search Instead!” – will feature a unique hybrid of “visionary” and “operational” perspectives. Sameer and Matt will talk high-level trends supplemented with deeper dives into concrete examples, to help you calibrate to what we are seeing happening across the industry, supported by real-world evidence and actionable ways to help you prioritize better. 

Your main takeaway from this talk will be that you’ll directly understand how search can substantially enhance the value of your digital experiences – not just in terms of conversions and metrics, but also in terms of engagement and brand.

SearchStax Booth 20 - A Stop for Demos, Search Discussion and Chance to Win

If that isn’t reason enough to engage with us, come visit us at Booth 20 for a chance to win a Sonos Move 2. Swing by, enter the raffle for your shot at winning, and chat with us – we love nothing more than talking shop with you and hearing about the most interesting challenges you’re facing – especially those related to ensuring that the digital experience is helping to accelerate your business and brand initiatives. We’ll have both DXP and search experts on hand to help you brainstorm, analyze, strategize, and problem solve. 

SearchStax’s VP of DXP Solutions Pete Navarra is one of those experts. Pete will lead several demos at SearchStax’s booth, as well. Stop by to learn how SearchStax Studio can be used to level up your website’s search capabilities on Acquia and Drupal websites, including all the standard integrations and custom features you can use to improve website engagement. 

Live demos will be held at 1 p.m. & 3:15 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 14,  and 10:30 a.m. & 12:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 15. Definitely come by – Pete’s demos are the real deal. You will walk away smarter, better armed to articulate why search should be an even higher priority than it is (or if it isn’t already), and we’ll even go out on a limb and guess that you’ll probably be entertained to boot (no guarantees, but Pete does have a pretty solid arsenal of jokes and crazy stories).

See you in Boston!

By Jae Lee

VP, Product Marketing

We have a great breakout session in store, where we’ll be co-presenting with Acquia, not only as a DXP partner, but in the context of Acquia-as-a-SearchStax-customer.

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