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The 9-year old niece of an employee recently used her talents to make an explainer video for SearchStax Site Search. Editor’s Note: Site Search is now SearchStax Studio. It is the

SearchStax Site Search is a game changer that makes it quicker, easier and less expensive for companies to deliver relevant and personalized site search experiences on their Sitecore websites. We empower marketers to measure, manage and optimize their customers’ search experience — and remove most bottlenecks with IT.

About the Author

By Tom Humbarger

Senior Product Marketing Manager

August 2, 2021


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Rolling Restarts

At SearchStax, we continually look for ways to improve the management experience with thoughtfully designed product capabilities, because let’s face it – if we identify a tedious process that our operations team would prefer an easier way to manage, then our users must definitely think it is tedious as well!

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