Assembling an Award-Winning Team with

How to create an award-winning team with

During the month of May, we are shining the spotlight on, a SearchStax partner based in Greece that provides world-class user experience and digitalization services, including digital strategy, UX service design, web & app development, and customer analytics. 

As a Sitecore Silver Implementation Partner, has a diverse portfolio of projects for leading domestic and international accounts, in various industries such as banking, airlines, tourism, insurance, telecoms, and pharmaceuticals. Some of its top clients include PPC of Greece, Hertz, Bayer, Electra Hotels, and most Greek banking companies. was born in 2006 when a group of award-winning designers and developers came together with a common need: to find meaning in the digital world by making websites that inspire and engage. Since then, they have handled countless inspiring digital transformation projects that have granted them more than 40 awards in the fields of design, technology, and digital transformation. 

The Key: A Strong Work Culture 

Vasilis Linakis, CEO and founder of, knows that when it comes to building a team, the sum is greater than its parts. That is why he has always prioritized building the right team and nurturing a strong culture to drive meaningful work through ongoing research and training.

The team strives to innovate and be creative, while standing close to the clients from beginning to end remaining reliable and sincere. They believe in passionate work, seeking perfection in every aspect of each project, and sharing their knowledge with the community through different platforms. They know that the only way to achieve this is by supporting and helping others to grow as a team. 

“It took a lot of effort to build such a strong culture and mentality. However, from the moment our members started to embrace our present core values, everything began to roll. Now we are happy to keep surpassing barriers and boundaries.” – Vasilis Linakis, CEO & Founder of 

A Team Committed to Excellence has one goal: to provide their clients with a cutting-edge digital presence. They achieve this by working together as a team distributed and focused in four different areas: the project managers, responsible for guaranteeing that every project follows quality standards and is delivered on time; the developers, dedicated to solving complex problems to achieve results for the clients; the designers, in charge of delivering thought-provoking ideas, and the UX trailblazers, focused on understanding business goals and user needs to reach the right balance. 

It’s an impressive mix of talent that has allowed them to develop a mentality to stay forever curious and deliver meaningful solutions to demanding projects. 

SearchStax is proud to be partners with and looks forward to continued collaborations! 

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