October 19, 2021

Danielle Bartholomew


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At SearchStax, the Partnerships team works closely with Customer Success to ensure that each partner and customer has a smooth onboarding process. We spoke with Kelli Clark, the VP of Customer Success at SearchStax, and asked her to share some best practices for SearchStax partners to help facilitate an efficient customer transition.

Kelli shared four tips for partners to keep in mind for the onboarding process: 

1. Loop Customer Success In Early 

“The earlier that Customer Success and SearchStax get looped in the better. This allows us to prepare for the customer’s onboarding in advance and start understanding the customer’s needs and timelines so that we can queue up the appropriate resources. Bringing SearchStax into early conversations also helps us to identify any potential issues early, and resolve them sooner rather than later.” 

2. Communicate & Share Big Picture Goals

“Having all the necessary information is crucial because it allows the Customer Success team to have a holistic view of the clients needs and big picture goals. Adding our team to calls, shared documents, and email threads helps us to set appropriate expectations and ensures that we’re all working together with the customer’s big picture objectives in mind. Our customer success team likes to revisit and refresh customer goals on a regular cadence to make sure that everything is on track and running smoothly, as well as understand newer initiatives that SearchStax may have solutions for.”

3. Enjoy Cost-Savings for Phased Projects

“Many of our customers complete projects in phases. The customer or partner may not realize that they don’t need to purchase all their Solr environments from day one. You can purchase in stages. If the partner knows in advance that the project will have a longer development phase, they can purchase only their development environments initially and then purchase the production environment when they’re ready to move to the next stage. This way the production environment is not sitting dormant while the development work is being done. This is a great option for customers that have slower moving or long-term projects with more of a development lift that they know about in advance. We’ve had many partners and customers find a lot of cost savings with this approach.” 

4. Customer Transparency 

“There are certain situations in which the partner prefers we only work with their staff and not the end client. These instances can sometimes feel like a game of telephone when we’re not all connected or meeting as a group. We typically have more success when the partner is transparent with who their customer is and includes SearchStax in their key project meetings. This way, if we have specific questions, it’s easier to get everyone on a call and get things quickly clarified. Customers and partners can certainly still be successful if they want to keep all communication closed with their end client, but it can at times slow things down. Transparency helps us to avoid any breakdowns in communication that may cause delays for the customer.” 

Both customer and partner success are pillars at SearchStax. Our goal is for each partner and customer to have a positive and successful onboarding while creating powerful search solutions. Keeping these four tips in mind when planning a customer’s onboarding can help to ensure that the process is efficient and smooth for all.  

By Danielle Bartholomew

Director, Partner Success

“…search should not only be for those organizations with massive search budgets.”

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