Oct. 22, 2021

Danielle Bartholomew


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For this month’s partner spotlight, we’re highlighting our Australia-based partner The Brand Agency

The Brand Agency is a full service, integrated communications company with offices in Perth, Melbourne and Auckland. They specialise in all areas of creative communications and bring together experts in strategy, UX, MarTech, creative and design, content creation and production services. The Brand Agency is also part of creative transformation company, WPP AUNZ and a Sitecore Platinum Partner.

We spoke with Paul Hamilton, the Head of Technology at The Brand Agency, and asked him to share his insights on a few key things an agency should look for when considering a new solutions partner: 

1. Ensure that Goals Are Aligned

“Before selecting a new solutions partner or platform, I would say that it is most important to understand what the actual business problem is that you are trying to solve. Technology is just the enabler, so it is critical to have a clear understanding of the business objectives or customer experience you want to offer. Develop a strategy for how and what needs to be delivered, and only then align that with a technology solution or partner that can enable it. Also, recognise that maturity and competence takes time, so don’t be afraid to start simple, assess effectiveness and then progress in complexity.”

2. Partnership = Relationship

“We consider all of our partnerships, be it client or technology partnerships, as a relationship. As such, aligning to common goals is key, along with ensuring all parties are empowered to make informed decisions. We always strive to be seen as an extension of the client’s team and bring specialized services, experience and increased scale to their organisation. Leading with the best possible solution (to solve a problem) is always more commercially successful than providing limited recommendations with a narrow scope of platforms and services.  And by empowering our clients through extensive knowledge sharing and support, it enables them to make informed decisions and improves the health and longevity of business partnerships.”

3. Think Long Term

“Always look for longevity in a solution partner, both at a business and personnel level. When you work with a partner whose team members have 5, 10 or 15 years plus experience with the organization, it demonstrates there is a positive culture and management framework in the business. Stability is important, as it’s disruptive and ineffective to have account managers, developers or business directors swapped out too frequently. Visiting the office of the partner’s business and getting a sense of environment, culture and employee longevity provides a barometer as to the health of the organization and ensures an investment in the partnership will be reciprocated.”

Together The Brand Agency and SearchStax have partnered to create dynamic search solutions for customers including CBH Group and UWA (University of Western Australia). SearchStax is proud to have The Brand Agency as a partner and looks forward to continued collaborations! 

More About The Brand Agency

Harnessing the power of technology through creativity is at the core of our agency’s operations. We partner with the best global operators – allowing us to deliver our communications on the right device, at the right time, to the right audience.

While we’ve always been about creating strong brands, cultural shifts and market changes demand that we now do it in so many ways, other than just advertising. Our continued focus on diversifying the services we offer means we can help our clients, whatever their communications problem.

We see ourselves as creative problem solvers. We are a digital agency, a strategy agency, a design agency, a media agency, a content agency, an activation agency, a social media consultancy and yes, we do advertising as well.

To solve challenging business problems, requires a highly integrated approach. With the best cross-disciplinary minds rallied around a common goal, our solutions are based on what’s holistically best for the brand, rather than us trying to push a certain channel or approach.

The Brand Agency is a full service, integrated communications company with offices in Perth, Melbourne and Auckland. We are also part of the world’s largest creative transformation group, WPP and a Sitecore Platinum Partner. We work with ambitious clients across a diverse range of categories within the commercial, government and not-for-profit sectors.

By Danielle Bartholomew

Director, Partner Success

"Your developers’ time is a very valuable commodity. They should spend their time focused on value-added activities such as building better search experiences instead of dealing with the mundane operational details of deploying, managing and scaling Solr infrastructure."

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