Sitecore Module 1.4.1

Sitecore Module SearchStax provides a special module that connects Sitecore directly to SearchStudio and lets you publish a custom search page immediately.   “Sitecore Plugin” vs. “Sitecore Module” The Sitecore

Sitecore Module with Docker

Sitecore Module with Docker The adoption of containers with Sitecore for both development and production purposes has been growing rapidly over the past few years, and is now a fully

Sitecore Content Delivery

SearchStax for Sitecore – Deploying to Content Delivery Instance This tutorial assumes that your solution is using one or more Content Delivery (CD) instances, as described by Sitecore on–cd-.html.

Sitecore Module FAQ

Sitecore Module FAQ SearchStax has compiled the following list of “frequent questions” about the SearchStudio Sitecore Module. Index rebuild operation in Sitecore is taking too long. What can I do

Sitecore Personalization

How To Personalize SearchStudio for Sitecore Any developer working with SearchStudio for Sitecore can now personalize the search experience for different search audiences by using SearchStudio “Search Models.” “Personalization” is

Modify Configs

Modify Sitecore Module Configuration The Sitecore Module connects your Sitecore CMS to SearchStax SearchStudio for a customized search experience. The Module is helpful and convenient up to the moment when

Multi-Root Crawling

SearchStax SearchStudio for Sitecore – How to configure multiple index crawler roots In certain scenarios, you might want to index multiple root items on your Sitecore content tree. This a

Multi-Site Search

Using Multi-Site Sitecore with SearchStudio A single Sitecore instance can be used to manage multiple websites. This page describes how to set up a SearchStax SearchStudio project on each Sitecore

Custom Search Page

How to Create a SearchStax Custom Search Page In a real-world project, customers using the SearchStax Sitecore Module to leverage all the SearchStudio capabilities will end up needing to customize

Sitecore SXA

SearchStax SearchStudio for Sitecore SXA SearchStax SearchStudio integrates with the Sitecore Experience Accelerator (SXA) to speed up the production of websites and to reuse components, layouts, and templates across a