Enacting change is hard, but creating a powerful search experience doesn’t have to be.

Non-profits face the challenge of creating impact and driving change with limited resources and budget. That’s why we launched SearchStax for Good – to empower non-profit organizations to continue delivering positive impact to communities across the globe.

SearchStax Cloud Serverless is a solution that delivers fast, scalable, and cost-effective Solr that gives web and product teams the ability to build quickly and scale automatically while optimizing resource utilization. This frees up valuable time and allows your team to focus on what really matters - the mission.

Non-profit organizations are eligible to receive SearchStax Cloud Serverless free for six months

After the six month period ends, organizations can continue using the service at a 40% discounted rate

Fill out the form with your organization’s details. Our team will review the submission and upon approval, get back to you with login information within two business days. No credit card required for registration.

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Get Free Serverless Solr Now

Serverless Indexes are limited to 5 Indexes per account for initial 6 month trial period. No Dedicated Deployments available during the initial 6 month trial period. No Serverless index limit after 6 months for 40% Serverless discounts. Accounts cannot be combined or merged. Promo codes are not applicable.

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