Whitepaper: Five Considerations When Migrating Your On-Premise Solr Infrastructure to Google Cloud Platform

Once you’ve decided to migrate your on-premise Solr infrastructure to GCP - what should you be thinking through? In this white paper, we’ll explore the key issues.

Our Cloud Deployment architectures for Apache Solr white paper shows how a simple proof-of-concept system evolves into an enterprise-class armor-studded foundation to support your company’s Solr search applications.

At SearchStax, we have a unique perspective on Apache Solr system architectures. With over fifteen years of hands-on experience hosting thousands of SolrCloud deployments, we are familiar with Solr deployments ranging from simple out-of-the box implementations to enterprise mission critical applications where high availability, performant, failover, disaster recovery and security are important business requirements.​

Startups to Fortune 500 companies partner with us to help them solve hard search-related problems. Our mission is to empower teams across the globe to deliver better search applications and experiences — faster and with more confidence.​

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