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5 Ways to Optimize Solr
Search Performance

Is the performance of your Solr search implementation sluggish and crawling along at a snail’s pace? Are you getting unexpected out-of-memory errors, suffering from spontaneous recovery mode issues or experiencing slow indexing performance?

Based on years of managing Solr environments for over 600 customers using SearchStax Cloud, we have identified five common issues that impact Solr search performance. Download our white paper to get our recommendations for the most common Solr performance issues.

SearchStax Cloud FAQs

Apache Solr is an open-source search platform that provides indexing and search capabilities for web applications and other types of data-driven applications. Solr is built on top of Apache Lucene, which is a high-performance search engine library written in Java.

SearchStax Cloud is a fully-managed SaaS solution that automates, manages, maintains and scales Solr search infrastructure in public or private clouds.

Core features include:

Core Features

  • High Availability Solr or HA Solr
  • Cloud automation
  • Monitoring and alerting
  • Automated backups
  • Disaster recovery options to meet every business need
  • Available on AWS, Azure and Google in over 60 regions
  • On-demand scaling
  • Roles and permissions

High availability Solr refers to the ability of a Solr cluster to provide uninterrupted service and access to data even in the face of hardware or software failures.

High availability Solr achieves this by distributing data and processing across multiple nodes in a cluster, so that if one node fails, other nodes can take over its workload seamlessly. In addition, high availability Solr involves configuring redundant hardware, such as multiple servers, power supplies, and network switches, to ensure that the failure of any one component does not bring down the entire system.

High Availability Managed Solr

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