Blazingly fast CDN backed enhanced autocomplete

Show relevant products to your customers as soon as they start typing in the search box. Enables customers to quickly find what they are looking for which leads to uplift in site conversions & drive sales.

Personalized search suggestions based on past history

Show google like search suggestions to your customers as soon as they start typing. Our enhanced autocomplete widget shows your users searches that are personalized based on their prior history and popularity.

Highly relevant integrated search results page

Show highly relevant products to your customers on your Magento Search page. Your Magento search page gets enhanced without any code changes to your store.

Faceted Navigation

Enable filters to help users refine their search. Control which facets to show and customize depending upon the facet types (e.g. brand, category drill downs, price, size, etc).

Spellcheck & Synonyms

Typo tollerant search and offer "Did you mean" like suggestions to your users. Use synonym capability to let users search for products based on words they commonly use (e.g. ipad, ipad 5, apple tablet).

Behavioral & Custom Ranking

Customize ranking to your needs. Utilize our analytics to show relevant results based on user's past history and usage.

By adding SearchStax to our Magento store, we are able to put more relevant products in front of prospective buyers - the way they want to search for it - and saw an immediate uptick in our sell-side business metrics. Matt Sparks CEO FIRSTAIDANDSAFETYONLINE.COM
Analytics That Helps Manage Your Magento Search

Easy to use, web based dashboard allows you to manage your search experience. Get detailed insights around what users are searching for, what they are not finding and most popular products they engage with. Reporting includes Top Searches, Top Product Suggestions, Top No Result Searches, Click through rates, etc.

Real time product sync

Our service updates your product data as soon as you make the changes in Magento. This enables the products to gets shown as soon as your customers are searching for them.

Easy Integration with Magento

SearchStax Magento Extension enables does the heavy lifting of integrating basic features of our service within your Magento Store. Enables data load via a click of a button & keeps your content fresh within search pages.

Always On Cloud based Service

You don't need to install any heavy weight software on your servers. Your Magento Search is powered by our servers, so there is no load on your existing servers.

As we roll out more features, your search gets better over time and you get to enjoy those without having to touch any code.

With hardly any effort, the SearchStax Service for Magento snapped into the existing store and delivered an enhanced search including autocomplete and product suggestions, more relevant search results, and built-in search analytics that gave insights into our customer's search behavior that are used to improve the conversion process. Jeras IkehornCEO, LUVBUTTON
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