Search Experience Manager

Empower Business Teams to Improve the Search Experience

Configure Search Without Coding

Use our simple interface to configure search any way you want to and improvethe search experience for your customers.

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  • Results and Display

    Select which fields and information will be displayed in the search results

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  • Synonyms

    Add synonyms to anticipate user needs and improve search results

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  • Faceting

    Narrow search results with multiple filters to help users find what they want more quickly

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  • Spell-Checking

    Select a spell-checking method that works best for you

  • Stopwords

    Filter out specific words in your search to increase search accuracy

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Improve Search Relevance

Test different scenarios to ensure that the most relevant content shows up near the top of your search results by adjusting which fields are shown, boosting fields to adjust their ranking and modifying the sort order.

Experience Manager Relevance Models

Relevance Models

Create or edit different models to quickly test and compare competing search experiences — and see which one produces the best outcomes

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  • Search Fields

    Choose which fields will be shown in search results

  • Sorting

    Pick a primary sort category and sorting direction for the search results

  • Ranking

    Give specific fields the boost they need to get surfaced higher in the results set by adjusting their ranking

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  • Promoting

    Promote specific items to the top of the results page to create customized experiences.

Preview Changes Before Publishing

Save time and iteration cycles by previewing configuration changes to see how search results will appear to your customers before publishing to production

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