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Adobe Announces End-of-Service for Search&Promote

Adobe has announced that the end-of-service date for Adobe Search&Promote is September 1, 2022.

Unless you’re an e-commerce company moving to Magento, Adobe is recommending open-source frameworks like Apache Solr to power site search for your AEM website in the future.

Essentially, Adobe is telling most customers to find a replacement site search solution on their own.

Site Search Is Critical to Your Strategy

For most websites, search is a critical navigation tool. To give visitors the best experience, you need to constantly care and tweak search.

You need a solution that is easy to set up, provides robust analytics to let you know how search is performing and has simple tools to manage the search experience.

A Solr-based Solution Is Your Best Option

Solr is a vibrant open-source project with hundreds of active contributors and thousands of users, including some of the largest organizations in the world.

Why not leverage the power of open source and eliminate the risks of going with a niche vendor with proprietary and closed technology.

Harness Solr Quickly and Easily

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