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Product Demo Video: SearchStax Cloud Manager

Interested in Apache Solr-as-a-Service? Learn how to quickly and easily deploy and manage Apache Solr in the cloud of your choice. Watch our demo as we provision and manage a Solr deployment. You'll see the power of our automation and management software - Scaling, Backups, Custom Plug-Ins, Audit logs, Security, Availability Reporting, and more.


MeetUp Video: Setup and Learnings - Cross Data Center Replication in Apache Solr 7 on AWS

February 27, 2018

CDCR (Cross Data Center Replication) has been a long requested feature in Apache Solr. In this talk, we’ll discuss the new CDCR support in Solr 7.


MeetUp Video: Data-Driven Approach to Search Relevance at Ticketmaster

June 26, 2017

In this video, SearchStax and Ticketmaster deep dive into how they are moving towards a data-driven search culture and creating a world class search experience for their live entertainment fans.