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Cloud Hosting
Ram 1GB up to 256GB 4GB up to 256GB 4GB up to 256GB
Number of Collections Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Index Size No Restrictions No Restrictions No Restrictions
Storage Size Up to 16 TB Up to 16 TB Up to 16 TB
High Availability -
Redundancy -
Free data transfer Up to 100GB Up to 100GB Up to 1TB
Choice of Cloud Provider

and Your Hardware
Zero Downtime vertical scaling via rolling upgrades -
Zero Downtime vertical scaling via rolling sharding -
High Availability
Automatic failover -
Availability SLA -
Disaster Recovery - Available Available
Apache Solr
Solr Version Support Customer
(of supported
(of supported
4.x and above
Solr Log Access
Full Solr Admin Privilidges
Config Management
Monitoring And Alerting
24x7 Solr monitoring and alerts
Real-time and historical performance metrics
Real-time and historical log file access
Integration with New Relic, Data Dog, and Pager Duty
Integration with in house/custom tools - -
Backup And Recovery
Daily system-level backup Available Available Available
Custom scheduled backups Per run fee Per run fee
Free restores
Backups taken from a secondary -
IP Filtering
TLS Support
Native Solr Basic Auth Support
Private networking with network Peering (AWS or Azure) Available Available
Encryption at rest support Available Available
Admin Tools
Web-based admin tools
Expert Developer Support via email
Expert Developer Support via support portal Available Available
SLA backed Incident Response Time - Gold Tier and higher
SLA backed Uptime Guarantee - Gold Tier and higher
Expert Solr Advice Available Available Available
Provisioning API
Analytics API - -
Management API - -
Monitoring and Alerting API - -