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About KMW Technology

KMW Technology is dedicated to producing high quality innovative solutions for business. Collaboration and iteration are the keys to a successful project and we work diligently to understand and exceed the needs of our customers. We are an elite team of domain experts and software professionals that take pride in building solutions that work.

The smartest applications are built by integrating Search and AI technologies. Search enables businesses to extract insights from their data while AI allows for deeper understanding of the patterns found within the data. KMW Technology has the experience and the know-how to create cutting edge cognitive systems that solve business problems.

KMW Technology’s Services

KMW Technology is a professional services firm that creates cutting edge applications powered by open source Search and AI.  

KMW’s offerings include; consulting, design, implementation and support.

  • Search Audit: A deep dive review of the current search platform to uncover current issues and optimizations. Available for both Solr and Elasticsearch.
  • Search Upgrade: Migration of Solr or Elasticsearch to the latest version. Includes data planning, schema migration and best practices consulting on the newest features.
  • Relevancy Workshop: In depth review of current search results and future goals. Training on the KMW test driven relevancy methodology for improved search results.