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About Haylix

At Haylix, we specialise in building effective and reliable cloud infrastructure for customers requiring a high level of service. Our clients are at the top of their game when it comes to their digital presence and our team is actively engaged in ensuring their continued availability, performance, and security.

We’ve been doing this for over a decade, and our key advantage is our ability to operate with clients and their development agencies on a business and marketing level. We work to understand our client’s traffic patterns, we work with their marketing teams on key campaigns, and we build successful relationships across many touch points in their enterprise, such as marketing, IT, and their executive team.

We are backed by the WPP AUNZ Communications Group, Asia’s largest marketing and communication services group.

Our process is designed to assess, build and monitor your cloud environments to ensure they are at peak performance. We are experts in maintaining and upgrading existing infrastructure, or can assist you in establishing a secure, optimal environment for your cloud platform.

Halix Services

At Haylix, we partner with you as your trusted advisor  – not just another provider. As a result, our team of expert cloud engineers and client support team are always here to ensure that your public cloud platform is always secure, available and cost efficient.

Our services include:

  • Cloud Best Practice: Our team of specialists will assess and report the health of your cloud infrastructure, detailing critical issues, areas for optimisation and resolving areas that deviate from best practice.
  • Haylix Migrate: Whether you’ve selected a platform or are currently evaluating options, our team of migration specialists can assist in making sure the transition to your new service occurs smoothly and efficiently.
  • Managed Cloud for ISV: Product innovation being slowed by cloud chaos? We have you covered with Haylix Automate, DevOps Engineering all backed by Haylix Monitoring & Support.
  • Managed CMS: We’ll focus on making sure your CMS is secure and available, with our Australian-based, full service 24/7 help desk always on hand to support your team.
  • Proactive Cloud Support: Our 99.95% uptime guarantee is maintained through market leading proactive monitoring tools. Backed by our expert team of experienced DevOps engineers and Cloud Architects giving your business access to our knowledge team.
  • Strategic Workshops: We’ll keep your environment instep with changing customer requirements by meeting with your internal and external development partners to discover ways to further automate, innovate and optimise your environment to keep it performing at full capacity.