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About Epsilon

Epsilon is the leader in outcome-based marketing. We help brands make decisions they can build on, eliminate inefficiency and connect interactions to real results.

Rooted in privacy and driven by powerful AI and the industry’s most robust data, Epsilon PeopleCloud creates more meaningful connections that drive better outcomes for your customers—and your brand.

Consumer expectations are rising. The industry is full of shaky promises, fragmentation and complexity. Brands are forced to do more with fewer resources. And marketers need to reach their brand goals and prove their performance. The status quo won’t work anymore. Marketing solutions need to create more than just outputs: they must create provable outcomes. That’s where we come in.

Epsilon’s Services

  • Customer Insights: Whether you need us to serve as your analytics team or as an extension of your own team, we’ll help you target, convert and retain more customers.
  • Agency: Epsilon Agency will help you develop long-term brand strategies, create and launch game-changing creative campaigns and build one-of-a-kind media marketing programs.
  • Digital Experience: Work with a single partner—Epsilon—to tap into the power of leading technology providers worldwide, for the ideal tech stack to meet your business needs. We’ll empower your marketing team with best-in-class technology, enabling you to engage customers with precision targeting and individually tailored content via marketing automation, predictive analytics, machine learning and more.
  • Strategic Consulting: Driving sustainable growth requires best-in-class insights, practical know-how, technical acumen and robust measurement—but you need the right strategy to link every piece together.
  • Marketing Services: Epsilon delivers managed marketing solutions that deliver demonstrable and sustainable results for some of the world’s most sophisticated brands.  Let us do the same for you.