Custom Solution Deployment

Our team is experience in open source technologies like Solr, MongoDB, Spark, Hadoop & Flume. We'll manage your solution while you focus on moving your business forward.

Custom SOP & Remediation

Our team will be responsible for SOP remediation as per the needs or deal with alerts that we encounter during the service period.

Release Certifications

As part of the initial transition, we will be responsible for identifying the right load test based on your application pattern.

Performance Testing & Release Certifications

Our team will certify the environment readiness for production to maintain high service levels. As the dev team builds out features, we will support certifications as part of the scope of Managed Service.

Version Upgrade Consultations

Our experts will keep you informed of new versions and how they could benefit your deployments. In addition, our team will be available for consultations around whether version upgrades will make a positive impact and how to perform these upgrade with minimal disruption of your current application or process.

Retrospectives & Look forward Reviews

Every three months, review the last three months & perform a retrospective, understand if there are any changes that need to be made to the deployments and any processes that need to be improved.

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